Bank of Queensland gets UP and 'ATM'

Bank of Queensland gets UP and 'ATM'

"Our big challenge was to encourage 420,000 customers and 260 BOQ branches to change the way they think about and use ATMs in the space of literally weeks."
- Jacinta Crabtree, Marketing Manager - Brand & Partnerships at BOQ


On 1 September 2010, Bank of Queensland (BOQ) did a deal with RediATM that gave it a 3,500 strong ATM network - one of Australia's largest.


BOQ wanted to broadcast the message about its large ATM network to customers and staff, emphasising what a valuable customer service addition it was.


BOQ and its agency Junior created a "We're UP and ATM" campaign, using Australia Post's information management business, Decipha and PreSort direct mail to communicate the good news to 260 branches and 420,000 customers.


The "We're UP and ATM" campaign helped BOQ customers save $1.45 million in ATM fees in 12 months. Usage of RediATMs for the same period increased 30.2 per cent. In addition, 96 per cent of BOQ staff thought the deal with RediATM was good for them and BOQ's customers.

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