Find a mail house

Find a mail house

We work with mail houses accredited under our Bulk Mail Partner (BMP) Program. These mail houses have invested in processes to make lodgement more efficient and effective. The following mail houses are accredited with BMP status.

Mail houses by State

New South Wales & ACT

Blue Star
Bing Mail
Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions
Mail Marketing Works
OTG Mastermail
The Mailing House
Canprint Communications

Victoria & Tasmania


Complete Mailing
Direct Mail & Marketing
Melbourne Mailing
The Family Mail House
Data Direct Australia
Universal Approach


Median Technologies
Direct Mail Ontime
Merge Print Mail
Median Technologies
IQ Mail Solutions

South Australia & Northern Territory

Colemans Printing
Racing Pigeon

Additionally, Snap specialises in marketing and printing services for small businesses, and can help you with your direct mail campaign.