Form design & management

Form design & management

A smart way to manage your forms

We can help save you time and money by managing the design, production and distribution of your organisation's forms.

We'll work with you to streamline your current business processes and workflow systems, taking administrative pressure off your staff by manually processing your forms across our extensive retail network.


  • Greater accessibility for your customers via our national retail network
  • Improves data integrity and process efficiencies
  • Enhances form usability, leading to higher customer acquisition rates
  • Minimises risk and liability by helping you to meet regulatory compliance
  • Reduces your resourcing, administrative, material and storage costs
  • Removes long queues of customers from your office.

Case studies: Learn how our online form technology helped  and .

Types of forms we can help with

Paper-based forms

We can simplify your organisation's application process by developing a form that is easy to understand and complete, then take care of the printing, distribution and more.

Electronic forms

Australia Post Smart Forms™ make it easier for you to collect information from your customers online. Our electronic forms are designed specifically for the online environment so they're easy for your customers to complete. We also use data validation rules to prevent form errors and streamline your data capture process.