Electronic authentication

Electronic authentication

Keep your business secure online

Australia Post takes online security seriously. That's why we developed our electronic authentication solutions - to help protect both your customers' and your online reputation.

Authentication of your online customers

Our VIP Online Security service is a safer and more convenient way to protect your network from hackers and safeguard your information against online theft and fraud. It provides an extra layer of security for your business, staff and customers when they interact with you online.


  • Extra protection - Gives your customers added confidence when doing business online
  • Convenience for your customers - Protection-on-the-go via portable security tokens or mobile phone credentials
  • Reduced costs - No licensing fees and pay-as-you-go billing means you only pay for what you use
  • Scalability - The cloud-based infrastructure has the scalability to accommodate rapid changes to your user base

Authentication for digital certificates

Our KeyPost service is accredited by the Federal Government to perform identity authentication of individuals or organisations applying for digital certificates.

This comprehensive ID checking service can also be used for other business models where there's a need for an intensive background check.

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