Australia Post Accelerate
Helping entrepreneurs start and scale businesses
Through Australia Post Accelerate, we provide funding, resources and Australia Post assets to help start and rapidly scale businesses.We’re now engaging with the startup community, and we're on the lookout for entrepreneurs to work with Australia Post to solve a new set of challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities that the eCommerce and eGovernment world is creating.

Our three areas of collaboration

We are looking to incubate, invest in and support companies that are aligned to one or more of the following three arenas

1. eCommerce

Through our ongoing research and innovation, we’ve created a range of services – including eCommerce platforms, marketplaces and supply chain models – that help make life simpler for businesses and the customers they serve. We’re looking for companies that have a vision for seamlessly delivering eCommerce experiences to consumers and merchants.

2. Trusted Services

By developing digital solutions like online payments and digital identification, we're creating richer customer experiences that organisations are using to build trust in their brand. We’re interested in businesses with models that help digitise identity services while maintaining trust amongst users.

3. Community & work

Many of the most successful innovations in the world today are built on the power of social inclusion. We’re working with entrepreneurs to find ways to create smarter, more connected communities for the future.

What we believe in

We’re always on the lookout to invest in startups and scaleups that demonstrate the following:

People power

We love collaborative teams with strong leaders, industry expertise and technical and commercial competency.

Go- to-market potential

We are all ears when it comes to learning about your Go-to-Market Strategy.

Customer validation

We want to know about the awesome experiences your customers have had with your product/service.

Commercial / Technical validation

We love it when teams can deliver on what their customers want.

Shared purpose

We are interested in all types of companies, but we really like businesses that align with our purpose.

Potential and growth

Tell us about your plan for future commercial success.

Does this sound like you?

The Accelerator leverages Australia Post resources, brands, market access, capital and networks to help companies start up and scale into large businesses.


Australia Post has established a dedicated fund to invest in emerging businesses.

Accelerator, incubator and co-working spaces

We have relationships with co-working spaces across Australia which are accessible to our portfolio companies.

Australia Post brand

As one of Australia’s most recognisable and trusted brands, the backing of Australia Post can enhance the visibility of your startup.

Australia Post knowledge, talent, people

We can leverage Australia Post’s leaders and subject matter experts to support our partners and portfolio companies.

Access to customers and network capability

We can use our reach and our network to can help you start up, scale and thrive.

Accelerator partner network

In addition to our relationships with incubators and co-working spaces, we have a large partner network of accelerators, corporations, universities and government bodies.

Our portfolio

Check out some of the startups we are incubating and investing in.

Accelerator partner network

In addition to our relationships with incubators and co-working spaces, we have a large partner network of accelerators, corporations, universities and government bodies.

Supporting entrepreneurship
The Australia Post Accelerator is very proud to partner with some awesome co-working spaces, incubators, accelerator programs and Australian startup ecosystem supporters. We are also focused on providing ongoing assistance to great community programs supporting Australian entrepreneurs.

We’re particularly interested in innovative, national grassroots programs that focus on supporting female entrepreneurs, rural and regional communities and universities.

Some of our amazing partners include:

Get in touch

If you're a startup or scaleup and want to get in touch, reach out to one of our arena partners:

Tien-Ti Mak

Partner, Future of Commerce

Rick Wingfield

Partner, Future of Trusted Services

Stefani Adams

Partner, Future of Community and Work

Neil Farbridge-Currie

Investment Partner

Something else?
If you want to speak to us about investment opportunities, partnerships, sponsorships or something else, drop us a line!