11 January 2017

If you received the scam below, DO NOT click or paste the link in your browser. Delete the email immediately.

Please be aware that the subject line may vary.

Scam email with Australia Post branding but poor grammar and off-brand tone of voice and a link to verify the address to deliver the customer's parcel to

Sample 1 - an example of the scam email being distributed:

Fake Australia Post website home page with a promo code to lure customers and a link to download a receipt

Sample 2 - an example of fake web page you get to if you click on the link:

What you should do

If you receive these emails, please:

  • Delete them ASAP
  • Do not open any attachments
  • Do not click on any links, or paste them in your browser
  • Report any scam emails to Scam Watch or Stay Smart Online

Please also be aware that Australia Post will never:

  • Email you to reconfirm your address by clicking a link
  • Send you an email asking for your password, credit card details or account information
  • Call or email you out of the blue to request payment

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