Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders

Australia Post is committed to providing careers for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders.

For 25 years, Australia Post has had a formal partnership with our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities. We began our first Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employment program in 1988, and today the partnership is still going strong.

Currently we:

  • have a successful Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander traineeship program
  • provide employment to around 480 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders
  • are a member of Supply Nation, a program which connects Australian corporate and government entities with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander businesses

Through our employee cultural awareness and training program, we plan to ensure our employees receive support and development. This will increase their cultural respect and understanding of our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and communities.

We also have an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Employment team dedicated to achieve these outcomes.

For more information, read our 2014 Reconciliation Action Plan (2mb).


Australia Post has had a successful Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander trainee program since 2007.

Investing in training and supporting Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities provides rewarding opportunities for individuals and Australia Post. We're committed to a strong focus on employment resulting in a rewarding career with Australia Post.

AFL SportsReady's latest success story, Kaisee Neutert is building her career and getting valuable work experience via a school-based traineeship at Australia Post.

Kaisee Neutert (SportsReady Trainee): 2012 I moved down to Wodonga. With AFL SportsReady I’m doing a school-based traineeship.

Michael Caruso (AFL SportsReady Field Officer): Met with Kaisee and pre-screened her. Found out what her interests were, she said she was very interested in this opportunity at Australia Post. So I went to meet Kaisee at her home and got to meet her mum,

Carlene.Carlene Webb (Kaisee’s mother): I was more worried about her going into an adult environment being so young, and Mick was great he came to the house and did a bit of an interview with her and myself and got the ball going. 

Troy Vennix (Team Leader, Australia Post): She came in a bundle of nerves, scared – typical as she was still going to school. 

Kaisee Neutert: I doubted that I wouldn’t pick up the skills as quickly so they’ve all given me their numbers so if I need something I just ring and they’ll come in and talk to me about it. I suppose that’s that safety net and security net you have that if anything goes wrong you know that there’s three people standing behind you that can back you up whenever you need.

Carlene Webb: It’s paid work experience and people look after her.

Kaisee Neutert: I’ll sit down with some of my friends and they say I wish I had an opportunity like that.

Michael Caruso: She’s a success story because she’s willing to give almost anything a go.

Troy Vinnex: I just love seeing kids succeed and grow.Michael Caruso: Any prospective employers, she would be a terrific part of the team.

Carlene Webb: I don’t know whether it’s a traineeship or what, but something has created her and she seems to be turning into a young adult. She’s going to be a credit to our society I think.

Employment opportunities

If you're an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you can register your interest to work at Australia Post. Your details will be placed on the Talent Register and matched against current vacancies.

If a suitable vacancy is available, a Recruitment Consultant will contact you to complete an initial phone interview and provide further information relating to the position.


To be eligible for the Talent Register you must:

  • be of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • identify as an Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • be accepted as an Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander in the community in which you live or have lived.

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Support and development

Australia Post is committed to career development for everyone. Our Learning and Development training team assist our dedicated Indigenous Employment team to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees:

  • manage their career progression
  • identify opportunities to develop skills through training and study

We also plan to increase cultural awareness by providing training throughout the organisation, as detailed in our 2014 Reconciliation Action Plan.

We've dedicated local employment consultants, supported by our National Indigenous Manager, who together:

  • support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees
  • work with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  communities
  • assist Australia Post deliver our programs

For more information, contact the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment team.