We’re committed to supporting local grassroots organisations and the work they do in their communities and so we’ve developed a number of resources to share what we’ve learnt from our community initiatives and partners.

Take a look below to learn how we can help your organisation make a difference in your community.

Tips for successful community projects

We’ve collaborated with the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) to produce the Tips for Successful Community Projects series to showcase key learnings from community-led grassroots projects, with the aim to build more resilient communities.

Video series for successful community projects

These videos are based on interviews conducted with four community groups about their projects and what made them successful. The projects and people featured in the series address a wide range of challenges in their communities, but what they share is resourcefulness, drive and a willingness to ‘have a go’.

Take a look at the videos and find out how you can take charge and get your community project off the ground.

Involve the community

Video: Up beat music plays. 

Video opens on dark green sign with indigenous artwork that reads ‘Welcome to Toolangi. Murrindindi Shire.’

Sign is by a road in a forest and there’s a car driving around a bend of the road.

Text: Tips for successful community projects: Involve your community

Video: Kerry Starr appears on screen, sitting in a lounge and addressing an off screen interviewer.

Text: Kerry Starr. Community House, Toolangi, Victoria.

Aerial shot of a building surrounded by roads and grass.

Text: Organise a community meeting.

Footage of the external façade of Toolangi Castella Community House.

Close up on the welcome sign which reads ‘Welcome to Toolangi Castella Community House’.

Audio: Kerry Starr: The fires happened in early February 2009 and within probably three to four weeks afterwards we'd organised a community meeting and said to people, what is it that you want to happen to this community now?

Video: Four women are sitting at a table talking and laughing.

Camera pans to more women at the table talking.

Text: Own the project.

Kerry is back on screen, addressing an off screen interviewer.

Audio: Kerry Starr: If you've got a project that you really want to happen, then you're going to have to own it and get people to help you with it because if you don't lead it, nobody else is going to do it for you.

Video: In a forest, where a road bends around a corner, there’s a yellow sign with red writing that reads ‘Fire prevention starts with…you’. There’s also an illustration of a finger pointing towards the reader.

Katrina Kalfin appears, sitting at a table in a kitchen and addressing an off screen interviewer.

Text: Katrina Kalfin. Personal Trainer, Toolangi, Victoria

A worn, hand painted sign is propped against a steel frame and sitting on green grass. It reads ‘Bushfire information meeting tonight 8pm.’

Audio: Katrina Kalfin: It was really important to sit down, look at our community, look at the needs of our community and real peo