Introducing stamps & collectables

Check out our three lesson plans below on how students can learn about the history and creation of stamps.

Grades Prep to 2

This lesson will introduce students to the hobby of stamp collecting. As a class, they will learn about the history of stamps and why people collect them.

Grades 3 to 4

Student will gain an understanding and appreciation of stamps by taking on the role of a famous stamp collector. They will investigate what stamp collecting is and write and present a monologue as their character.

Grades 5 to 6

In this lesson, students are encouraged to research how stamps are made and their important role in history. Analysing stamps made by Australia Post and others around the world, they will explore the process of stamp making from design to production.

Resources for teachers

Here is a list of resources for teachers including all lesson plans and templates.

These can be printed out or viewed digitally.