Our purpose and values

Our purpose and values

Our purpose is

"Helping our people, customers and communities deliver a better future. Everyone. Everywhere. Everyday."

This means that we're focused on identifying new opportunities to meet the contemporary expectations and needs of customers and communities across Australia. And we do this while embracing a set of common enterprise-wide values, shared by everyone across our business.

Our values are

Being safe everywhere
There's nothing more important than safety.

Respecting everyone
We care about people and value diversity.

Helping each other
We're at our best when we work together.

Improving everyday
A better tomorrow starts with the changes we make today.

Delighting our customers
A great customer experience creates a better future.

These values apply to everyone across our business, and in our interactions with our people, partners, customers and the community.No matter what job we do, or what part of the business we work in, being clear on our purpose and shared values gives each of us a way to play a role in strengthening our future and that of our customers and communities.