Explaining our Corporate Responsibility logo

Explaining our Corporate Responsibility logo

The logo contains five concentric circles. From the inside to the outside, these are as follows:

Red circle

The strategy is rooted in our enterprise purpose, which is also a social one: Helping our people, customers and communities build a better future. Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday.

White circle

We advance this purpose by acting in accordance with Our Shared Values. These are:

  • Delighting our customers
  • Helping each other
  • Being safe everywhere
  • Respecting everyone
  • Improving everyday

Yellow circle

The strategy has four pillars (or focus areas). We will advance this agenda through a broad range of programs related to these pillars. They are:


Building a more inclusive and accepting society starts here - in our head office, post offices, distribution centres and other workplaces around the country. We are dedicated to driving, encouraging and celebrating diversity, inclusion and acceptance, and are committed to ensuring everything we do positively impacts society.


Quite simply, we place our customers at the centre of everything we do. When we truly understand what they want and need - and put them at the heart of all our decisions - we strengthen trust, build loyalty and ensure we remain relevant, and accessible for future generations.


For over 200 years, we've been an integral part of Australian communities. So as our communities change, we're changing with them. By bringing communities closer together to connect, grow and prosper we aim to establish equality of opportunity and increase social, environmental and economic wellbeing across Australia.


Climate change and other environmental issues are amongst the biggest challenges we face. As one of Australia's largest companies, we know we must play our part to minimise our environmental impact and reduce the burden on the planet. Our initiatives recognise the value of natural resources and driving low carbon and zero waste solutions to helping reduce our impact on the environment.

Brown circle

Through these programs, we'll seek to achieve four key objectives:

  • Champion positive change - especially around diversity, safety and the environment
  • Deliver sustainably - by reducing our adverse impacts and considering, measuring and reporting on our social, environmental and economic impacts
  • Co-create solutions - adapting and innovating by partnering with stakeholders to create greater business, social and environmental value
  • Build capability - providing the knowledge, skills and solutions that increase participation of all Australians in a digital world.

Aqua circle

These are the key outcomes we're working towards:

  • Everyone: Connect Australians physically and digitally to increase social and economic inclusion and wellbeing
  • Everywhere: Minimise our environmental impacts throughout the value chain
  • Everyday: Transform our business to help customers and communities prosper in a digital world