Engaging our stakeholders

Engaging our stakeholders

To build on our rich history of community service and continue connecting Australians into the future, we need to listen carefully and respond to the needs of our key stakeholder groups.

These key stakeholder groups include:

  • our workforce
  • our customers and the broader community
  • our shareholder (the Federal Government)
  • regulators
  • industry and environment groups
  • peak bodies
  • the media

We know how important it is that we continue to keep our stakeholders engaged and informed around the important decisions we make in our business - and we know that our future success will largely depend on their support.

In 2014, we launched our Community Stakeholder Engagement program that allowed us to consult with key groups around the need for reform and understand their views as we moved towards a new pricing and services structure, (which came into effect in January 2016).

Our Stakeholder Council

The Australia Post Stakeholder Council provides advice and guidance on a range of issues throughout the year, including matters relating to our products and services and our major corporate responsibility initiatives.

Understanding what matters to our stakeholders

We conduct regular reviews with our internal and external stakeholders to help us:

  • understand the social and environmental topics that matter most to them 
  • learn their views and perceptions of our community and business activities and economic performance.

An annual materiality review is also used to guide our strategic decisions. This informs our Annual Report content to make sure that it accurately reflects those areas and issues considered most important to both our business and our stakeholders.

Refer to our latest Annual Report for more details about our Stakeholder Council, its members or the materiality review process.