Creating shared value at Australia Post

Creating shared value at Australia Post

With our long and rich history of serving the Australian public, we're well positioned to bring people together and connect them around a common set of goals.

Over the past two years, we've evolved how we engage with society and sharpened our attention on the social issues that really matter to the success of our business - and importantly where we have the capability to address problems at scale.

Taking a shared value approach, we're building new business strategies that deliver commercial viability and positively address the social and environmental problems intersecting with our business.

Our areas of focus

In listening to what our customers and communities want, the issues we're focused on include:

  • supporting small businesses
  • helping to create a more inclusive society
  • ensuring all Australians can participate in the digital economy
  • reducing waste to landfill

Here are just a few examples of initiatives we're supporting:

  • In 2015 we launched the Small Business Hive in Geelong, a co-working space created to support and enable the growth of small and start-up businesses by fostering collaboration and innovation.
  • With around 16 percent of Australians not online, we're partnering with Infoxchange to create a four-year digital literacy program to help improve digital skills and confidence.
  • In an industry first, we've developed a special mailing satchel for consumers to return their used Nespresso coffee pods by mail, so the pods can be recycled instead of going to landfill.