Our approach to Corporate Responsibility

Our approach to Corporate Responsibility

Australia Post has always been more than just a business. For over 200 years, we've been part of the very fabric of the nation. Helping to improve the lives of our customers, our workforce, and their families. Bringing communities closer together. And contributing to Australia's economic growth.

As Australia - and the world - faces unprecedented challenges and levels of change, our power to make a positive difference becomes more important than ever. We've refreshed our approach to Corporate Responsibility in 2016, with our updated strategy known as Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday.

Delivering a better future

Our new strategy formalises the role we play in broader society. And it also pushes us to go further - challenging us to think and act in innovative ways to create new forms of economic, social and environmental value.

We tackle the small but important things - like respecting everyone and embracing our diversity. As well more complex challenges - such as the effect climate change and transitioning economies are having on communities.

In short, it's about making sure everyone has the opportunity to take part in Australia's prosperity, so collectively we can build a better future. For Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday.

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Australia Post logo appears. The postal horn turns into a map of Australia.

Transitions to show a male customer; male and female Australia Post employees; a mother, small child and baby in a pram.

Transitions to show a community: tall office buildings, a town council, bus and hospital appear. A car runs across the screen, while trees, parcels, post boxes, posties small businesses and windmills build in the scene.


Australia Post has always been more than just a business.

We're part of the very fabric of the nation.

Helping to improve the lives of our customers, our workforce and their families.

Bringing communities closer together.

Sharing our networks and our know-how.

And, being proudly Australian owned, contributing to Australia's economic growth and reinvesting back into the community.


Transitions to a view of the world from outer space. Clouds appear and the world is spinning.

Bolts of lightening strike the world and more clouds appear.

The world spins faster, transitioning to be held in a person's hand. Tall buildings, houses and trees appear.

Zoom in on the world and a gold coin appears.

Transitions to a stack of gold coins. An outdoor scene builds, with apartments, houses, a hospital, man, woman and child with a skateboard expanding and sliding into view. A car runs past the scene.


So as Australia - and the world - changes, it's not surprising we're changing too.

We recognise that issues like climate change, globalisation, digitisation and a transitioning economy are already having a profound impact on us all.

As one of Australia's largest organisations, we believe we have both the responsibility, and the power, to make a positive difference.


Transitions to a large, purple question mark.

A map of Australia made from connected dots appears and the question mark minimises to be a dot in the centre.

Frame changes to a Post Office. Shop awning and an open sign appear over the Post Office.

Transitions into an iPad that shows a credit card and 24/7 symbol.


How will we do it?

By helping connect all Australians, physically and digitally. So that everyone is included and has an opportunity to take part in our future prosperity.


Frame changes to show three scenes: A football and goal posts, a farmer and his field of crops, and a map of Australia with location pins.

A man riding a bicycle appears beside the farmer, and rides across the screen.

As the bicyclist rides across the screen, the scene changes. More office blocks, homes and trees appear. As he continues on his journey, a home with a solar panelled roof appears, as well as plastic bottles for recycling, a wind farm and world being held by two hands.

The man rides off the screen.


By minimising our environmental impact, so we can grow sustainably, and reduce the burden on our planet.


Transitions to focus on the world being held by two hands. Red begins to appear from the corners and Australia Post Headquarters appear.

We enter through the door of the organisation and a patchwork of our customers pop-up: babies, children, students, women, men, couples, friends, farmers and employees. 


And by transforming our own organisation to meet changing customer and community expectations. So we can continue to serve all Australians in relevant and useful ways, for generations to come.


Frame changes to show two hands working on an abstract idea of technology. It is contained inside a square. Lines begin to appear from the square. More squares expand showing a light blub, an iPad for online shopping, trees, a plant pot, an Australia Post van and spinning globe. A plane flies a little across the screen and large buildings and clouds appear.


It will require new technologies, new ideas, and a willingness to embrace change. And we'll need to create and share new forms of value - economically, socially and environmentally.

But in many ways it's a continuation of what we've always done. Helping Australians connect, achieve, and prosper together.


The Australia Post van begins to move away from the interconnected scene.

Focus on the van and as it moves off screen a community is interacting: A child is holding her father's hand. His arm is wrapped over his partner's shoulder. They are standing beside male and female Australia Post employees.

Transitions so a map of Australia, in a Red square, appears.

The map of Australia swipes off to the right and the Postal Horn swipes in from the left. Ending on the Australia Post logo.


So collectively we can build a better tomorrow. For everyone. Everywhere. Every day.

Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday

Our Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday strategy is our roadmap to:

  • increase social and economic inclusion and wellbeing, by connecting all Australians physically and digitally
  • minimise our environmental impact throughout our value chain
  • transform our own organisation so we meet changing customer and community expectations, and help them prosper in a digital world.

Our strategy is informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and leading sustainability frameworks and covers four key pillars:

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For more information about our approach to Corporate Responsibility you can get in touch with our team