National Community Partners

National Community Partners

The Our Neighbourhood National Community Partners have been announced.

At Australia Post, serving the Australian community is our reason for being - as it has been for over 200 years. The notion of community service is ingrained in the daily operations of our business. It isn't peripheral to what we do ... community service is our core business.

Through Australia Post's community program, Our Neighbourhood, we aim to help build healthier, more vibrant and more inclusive communities across Australia by focusing on the following key areas around our central theme of 'inclusion':

  • providing all Australians with access to essential products and services - as well as the knowledge to use these services to connect in both the physical and digital world
  • maintaining a diverse, inclusive workplace that values the contribution made by people from varying backgrounds and neighbourhoods across our nation
  • investing in programs and activities that foster community spirit, connect communities and contribute to a more inclusive Australia
  • providing support to Australian communities in times of major crisis

In May 2013, we invited organisations from across Australia who not only share our aspirations, but also have commitment and credibility in working with communities to build capability at both a national and local level, to partner with us through the Our Neighbourhood National Community Partners.

Australia Post considered applications from a wide range of organisations including non-profits, community groups, sporting associations, peak/industry bodies, social enterprises and commercial entities.

Applicants were required to:

  • demonstrate the ability to create an impact at both the national and local level (or have national scalability)
  • be Australian organisations assisting Australians
  • show a commitment to building community capability and leaving a positive legacy in communities around the nation
  • be entities registered in Australia with an ABN
  • address our key focus areas
  • help us continue connecting communities by engaging a range of key target audiences including:
    • local communities
    • regional and remote communities
    • socially disadvantaged
    • Indigenous Australians
    • cultural and linguistically diverse groups
    • people living with a disability
    • small businesses

Over 620 applications were received for the Our Neighbourhood National Community Partners and following a robust assessment process, our partners are:

  • Netball Australia
  • Australian Football League (AFL)
  • Infoxchange
  • Pyjama Foundation
  • Social Traders

For more information about each of the partners, please visit Our Neighbourhood website