Verification of Identity (VOI) service

Make identity checks easier, faster and safer for you and your clients.

What is VOI?

To reduce the risk of property fraud, states across Australian are introducing verification-of-identity (VOI) legislation for transfers of property.

The VOI legislation applies to companies and people who are buying, selling and transferring property within WA, SA, VIC and NSW. This legislation places responsibilities on conveyancers, lawyers and mortgagees to verify their clients' identity.

How can Australia Post help?

We can make verifying your clients' identity easier, faster and safer. Using our vast network of participating Post Offices, we can send you electronic confirmation and documented proof of each identity check.

How do I register? Click to expand Click to collapse

Registering for Australia Post's Land Title VOI service is easy.

  1. Complete the online registration form
  2. Sign and return your Referral Agreement
  3. Receive your unique client VOI Form, VOI Report Portal login details and supporting welcome pack.

Once registered, you'll be able to securely access your client's completed VOI reports online.

Where can I use the VOI service? Click to expand Click to collapse

Regular VOI service

Our VOI service is available at over 1,450 Post Offices across metropolitan, rural and remote areas of Australia. Find your closest participating Post Office.

Express VOI service

Along with our regular service, many Post Offices offer a same day VOI report service. If your client visits one of these Post Offices, you can receive your VOI report the same day the transaction is completed at the Post Office. Find your closest participating express VOI service outlet.

Where can I find more information about VOI checks? Click to expand Click to collapse

For more information about VOI requirements, visit the Australian Registrar's National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC).

The Australian Institute of Conveyancers (AIC) state divisions provide regular information and updates regarding VOI requirements. Below are the relevant state divisions:

Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) Click to expand Click to collapse

PEXA is a secure online platform that allows lawyers and conveyancers to electronically complete property transactions quickly and easily.

To subscribe to PEXA, you (being the person or persons authorised to execute documents on behalf of your organisation*) need to have your identity verified in person. This can be done at a participating Post Office, with a fee of $39 payable upon application completion.

Download the PEXA application form.

Please note, registrations for PEXA and Australia Post's VOI service need to be completed separately.

Why you need a VOI check

* When completing a Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) Participation Agreement, the person/s authorised to execute documents on behalf of your organisation must have their identity verified in a face-to-face meeting. For more information, visit the PEXA website.

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