Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM®+


Say goodbye to bill shock. Keep costs for overseas data, calls and text under control with a prepaid SIM.

There's no minimum spend or lock-in contract - you simply get a new number and SIM card for your existing unlocked mobile or tablet. Insert your Prepaid TravelSIM®+, activate and you're on your way.

The smart choice for staying connected overseas

  • Prepay and top up your credit as needed
  • No contract, no minimum spend, no hidden charges
  • Great call rates in over 200 countries and discounted rates between Prepaid TravelSIM®+s^
  • 24/7 Australian-based customer support
  • Free smartphone app to manage your usage, set daily data limits and more

Is the Prepaid TravelSIM®+ right for you? Click to expand Click to collapse

Follow these 3 easy steps to find out:

  • Check that we have coverage in the countries you are travelling to
  • Check that your mobile phone handset is compatible with Prepaid TravelSIM®+ and will work in the countries you are travelling to
  • Check that your handset is unlocked

To find out more about these steps, please see our frequently asked questions.

Start using your Prepaid TravelSIM®+

Ready to get started? Before you leave, we recommend you do these things:

  1. Get Prepaid TravelSIM®+. Go to a participating Post Office, or buy online and we'll ship it for free. Your SIM comes with AUD$5 to get you started.
  2. Activate online. Or call 1300 881 710 to activate over the phone.
  3. Add more credit. We recommend you top up before heading overseas.

Some things to keep in mind

  • You need to activate your new SIM card in order for it to work.
  • When you're activating, make sure your mobile is unlocked and that you have your personal contact details and Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM®+ information (from the Starter Pack) ready.
  • It's good to practise making calls using your new SIM card before you travel. You can learn how to make calls now.

Having trouble getting started with your new SIM?

If you insert your Prepaid TravelSIM®+ and then see a message like 'Insert SIM', 'Restricted SIM', 'SIM Registration Failed', you'll need to ask your Australian network provider to unlock your handset. In some cases, the provider may charge a fee for this.

Using your Prepaid TravelSIM®+

Top up your phone credit Click to expand Click to collapse

There are 4 ways you can recharge credit on your phone:

Top up using your handset

You'll first need to pre-register for Handset Top-Up. To do this, log in to your Prepaid TravelSIM®+ account and go to 'SIM services' > 'MySIMs' > 'Handset Top-Up'.

Once registered, follow the below steps:

  1. Locate the SIM Menu in your mobile phone
    How do I find my SIM Menu?
    The location of your SIM Menu depends on the type of phone you have. This is how you can find the menu in two popular phone operating systems:
    • iOS (iPhone): Go to 'Settings' > 'Mobile' > 'SIM Appliations'.
    • Android (HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola): Go to 'All Applications' > 'SIM Toolkit'.
  2. Select 'Add Credit'
  3. Enter the PIN number that matches the amount of credit you wish to add:
    • PIN *25 = $25 credit
    • PIN *50 = $50 credit
    • PIN *100 = $100 credit
    • PIN *200 = $200 credit

Top up online

To add credit from your online account, log in to your Prepaid TravelSIM®+ account and select 'Recharge'.

Top up over the phone

Call 1300 881 710 and a staff member can help recharge your credit. Please have your Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM telephone number and credit card details ready.

Top up in-store

Visit a participating Post Office and purchase a Prepaid TravelSIM®+ Recharge Voucher.

Make a call Click to expand Click to collapse

  1. Dial the number you wish to call in full international format and press 'Call'

    Full international format:

    "+ (country code) (area code without the leading zero) (local number)"
    e.g. To call the number '02 9233 5165', you would dial:
    '+' '61' (country code) '2' (area code without the leading zero) '9233 5165' (local number).

    Hint: You should keep the leading '0' when calling to an Italian landline
  2. Your phone will display a 'Wait for Call' message or other messages (please ignore these - this is normal)
  3. After a few seconds, your mobile phone will ring
  4. Answer this call as you normally would
  5. You will hear your credit balance, then your call will be connected

Send an SMS Click to expand Click to collapse

You can send an SMS as you normally would, but please remember to use the full international number, including the '+' sign.

For example, to send a text to the mobile number '0428 745 183', you would create the text message, and send to the following number:

'+' '61' (country code) '428 745 183' (mobile number without the leading zero).

It's always free to receive an SMS on your Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM service - no matter where the message is being sent from.

Additional features

  • Smartphone app - Manage your Prepaid TravelSIM®+ while you're on the go 
  • Mobile Miles - Earn miles towards eligible airline and hotel loyalty programs
  • Value added services - Learn about more features and benefits you can access

+ TravelSIM® is a registered trademark of Premas Solutions IP Pty Ltd and licensed exclusively to TravelSIM Australia Pty Ltd in Australia. Powered by TravelSIM®

^ Discounted rates only for certain countries. Find out more

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