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SUPER: How to return it

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Demonstrate the procedure

Demonstrate the procedure

Demonstrate the procedure

SUPER: Positive & easy

SUPER: Flexible returns

SUPER: Manage?

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Demonstrate the procedure 

Demonstrate the procedure

SUPER: 3 Simple options
DISCLAIMER: These options are only available through eParcel, which requires you to send a minimum of 1,000 parcels per year and are subject to the terms, conditions and fees set out in your eParcel Agreement.

SUPER: 1 Contact you

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Demonstrate the procedure

Demonstrate the procedure

SUPER: 2 Use label provided

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SUPER: 3 Go Online

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SUPER: Your choice

SUPER: 15,000

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SUPER: 4,400

And retail outlets


DISCLAIMER: Available soon online or at your nearest Business Hub for purchase.

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SUPER: Solutions for all

DISCLAIMER: Terms and conditions apply. Visit for further details.

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As the retail landscape continues to evolve, businesses must ensure their offering meets customers ever demanding expectations.

Your customers might need to return an item for several reasons:

  • maybe it's because clothing purchased doesn't fit,
  • a piece of technology needs to be repaired
  • or perhaps they had a change of mind

Whatever the reason, if an item needs to be returned, it should be a positive and easy experience for both businesses and their customers

That's why Australia Post has developed a range of flexible Returns offerings to cater for all scenarios.

How would you like to manage your returns?

Would you like to choose which customers receive free returns?

Do you want all of your customers to have access to free returns by including a returns label with every outgoing item?

Or would you like your customer to pay for and organise the return?

Here are three simple options for your customers to return items.

Option 1 - Contact you

Your customers can contact your business to arrange the returns label,

which you can email or post to the customer.

Australia Post can also collect the parcel directly from your customer.

Option 2 - Use Label provided

This option allows you to include a returns label with every outgoing parcel and pay for the return postage. So if your customers need to return an item, they simply re-pack it, and post it back to you.

And, option 3 - Go Online

Your customer can visit and easily pay for and print out a return label that's trackable, then pack and send the item back to you.

You can also offer to pay for this service. It's your choice.

With over fifteen-thousand street post boxes and over four thousand four hundred retail outlets across Australia, the returns process has never been easier for your businesses or your customers.

Do you know, they also have returnable satchels coming soon. Which is great, because they can be used to send your product to your customers and can easily be re-sealed and re-used to return items.

With Australia Post's Returns they have a solution for any business.

Terms and conditions apply. For more information about Returns, speak to your account manager or visit

Australia Post