Stan the Postie - dog safety video transcript

Video Audio
Close up shot of a male postie talking.

(Upbeat music throughout)

Narration: Hi, my name's Stan. I'm a Postie. And I've been with Australia Post for 12 years now.

 Postie on motorcycle. He's riding on the footpath toward the camera. I've had a few run-ins with dogs...
Staffordshire bull terrier barking at fence. This transitions to close-up of postie talking.

I've been chased, bit on the back of the heel, and I've also had one lunge over a fence.

Postie on motorcycle riding on footpath. Cuts to shot of dog running up to fence and barking.

The sound of a motorcycle seems to alarm dogs.

Postie checking for dog as he delivers mail. Then hops back on bike.

I'm always checking for signs of dogs behind fences and near letterboxes so I don't face any unexpected threats.

We see a 'Beware of the staffordshire bull terrier' sign on a fence. Cuts to a close-up of postie talking.

A 'beware of dog' sign is definitely a red flag for me and I'm always on high alert.

Postie gets out 'sorry, we can't deliver your mail' card, marks it, and pops it in the mail.

And if I can't access your letterbox safely, I'm unable to deliver your mail.

Close-up of postie talking. Switch to shot of the dog standing up at the front fence. Transition to shot of the dog running out the front door of the house. We then see the dog at the fence barking.

We're not just concerned about bites. We're also concerned about excited dogs running and jumping and getting in front of our front wheel and potentially causing an accident.

Close-up of Postie talking.

 There are a few things dog owners can do.

Shot of a secure front fence. Cuts to close-up of a closed gate with 'beware of dog sign' on it.

One of them is to make sure there's no gaps in the fences. And your front gate is kept shut.

Postie putting mail in a safely positioned letterbox.

And make sure your letterbox is positioned for safe and easy access.

Postie on motorcycle riding on footpath away from camera.

Please help us stay safe while we're delivering your mail by securing your dogs.

Australia Post and StarTrack logo appear on white background. Switches to 'We love delivering' logo.