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The Post People 1st offering includes a collection of programs and services designed to maximise opportunities for our people through visibility of job vacancies, access to education and training and the provision of career support and information.

The programs and services are offered across 3 categories - Jobs, Skills and Careers.

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Prioritising our people for jobs at Post Providing our people with access to training and skill development  Providing clarity and support for our people to make the most of their career choices
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New JIC out now!

Get to know the new and improved JIC.




You would have noticed that the JIC now has a new look plus new content! Here's what you'll find:

Updated weekly:

  • The job listings for all Base Grade and Above Base Grade vacancies, presented in an easy-to-read new format
  • Corrected and withdrawn vacancies.

Updated monthly:

  • Tools and tips to help you apply for jobs
  • How to access courses to build your skills
  • Help making the most of your career choices and managing your career.

Promotions and transfers are now available on Pogo or email PP1st and we'll send you details.

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We've changed!

Internal vacancies has integrated with Post
People 1st.

Check out the Post People 1st for Jobs page and the toolkit to get access to all resources previously under Internal Vacancies.

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