Police Checks video transcript

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 Meet Emma

Emma appears and waves her hand.

Emma appears seated at a desk in front of her computer.

Emma wants to apply for a job but she needs a police check.

Emma goes to auspost.com.au/policechecks to commence her application.

Image zooms in on Emma at her computer and shows a stylised Australia Post Police Checks application form on her monitor. 

 Emma completes her application online and prints her completed form. The cursor moves on the monitor and shows new fields being filled in. 
 Emma visits one of over 3,500 participating Post Offices to have her identity checked. Emma walks in to the Australia Post retail outlet with the doors opening automatically. 
 Emma presents her printed application form and 100 points of identity. Emma walks up to the Australia Post counter and hands her form to the Australia Post retail staff member. 

100 points of ID required.

Emma pays for her police check. 

Emma hands over money to the Australia Post retail staff member. 
Emma will be notified by SMS of her police check.  Emma walks away from the retail counter and out of the picture. 
Around 80% of checks are processed within 15 minutes. 

Emma walks in to her own house with a child on the floor.

Image of a phone with Your check reference number, shows user ticking checkbox. 

 Equipped with an Australia Post Police Check, Emma got the job. Emma with Nurse hat, taking blood pressure of a man seated next to a desk. 

 Australia Post Police Checks

  1. Apply online at auspost.com.au/policechecks
  2. Present your 100 points of identity to us
  3. Get your results