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Our prices - 2014


Find out about recent and upcoming pricing and service changes to some of our letter and parcel products.

Business letter changes - effective 2 June

Back in March, we let you know that there would be some changes to pricing and delivery timetables for the business letter products listed below from 2 June.

  • PreSort Letters
  • Print Post
  • Charity Mail
  • Acquisition Mail
  • Imprint Mail (Business Account customers)
  • Metered Mail (postage meters)
  • Clean Mail
  • Local Country Letters

If your business uses the above mail products, please ensure you have referred to our bulk mail changes guides to help you transition through the change.

Unaddressed Mail price increase - effective 5 May 2014

On 5 May 2014, the price of our Unaddressed Mail service increased.

Unaddressed Mail is for businesses who want to send promotional letters or communications to potential customers without the need to include a name or address on the article.

This change will impact you if you use this service and lodge Unaddressed Mail articles on or after 5 May 2014.

If you send Unaddressed Mail during December - which is a busy time for this service - the 50% surcharge that normally applies will be removed.

New prices: Unaddressed Mail Click to expand Click to collapse

 Size Weight  Intrastate - Regular* 
 Intrastate - Select#
Interstate - Regular* 
Interstate - Select# 
 Small Up to 50g   0.168 0.193  0.197  0.221 
Over 50-100g   0.217 0.243  0.246  0.271 
 Large Up to 50g   0.239 0.262  0.278  0.304 
 Over 50-100g 0.300  0.324  0.344  0.368 
 Over 100-250g 0.374   0.398 0.438  0.463 

New prices: Premium Unaddressed Mail Click to expand Click to collapse

Size Weight Intrastate - Premium Regular
Interstate - Premium Select
Small Up to 50g 0.210 0.242
Over 50-100g 0.271 0.304
Large Up to 50g 0.299 0.328
Over 50-100g 0.375 0.406
Over 100-250g 0.467 0.498

Changes to bulk mail products

Bulk mail changes

Send business mail? We'll help you prepare for upcoming changes to delivery timetables, pricing and mail presentation.

Our bulk mail products offer a discounted rate for businesses sending large volumes of mail, subject to certain conditions. We're here to help you transition through some changes occurring in the next month, if your business uses these products.

The changes will affect delivery timetables, pricing and mail presentation for the bulk letter services listed in the table below.

Date What's changing? Products affected
2 June 2014 (Business Letters) Renamed Regular and Priority timetables, pricing changes PreSort Letters, Charity Mail, Acquisition Mail, Imprint Mail (Business Account customers), Metered Mail (postage meters), Clean Mail and Local Country Letters
2 June 2014 (Print Post) Introduction of second delivery timetable (and renaming of current timetable), pricing changes Print Post


Changes to delivery timetables Click to expand Click to collapse

PreSort Letters, Charity Mail, Clean Mail, Imprint Mail, Metered Mail & Acquisition Mail

From 2 June 2014, you'll have a choice over which delivery timetable to use.

The current delivery timetable (103kb) will be renamed Priority and will continue to provide next day delivery within the same city or town.

A second delivery timetable (120kb) called Regular will be introduced. This timetable will provide delivery within 2 business days.

Print Post

To provide greater choice and flexibility to our customers, a second delivery timetable for Print Post will also be introduced from 2 June 2014.

The current delivery timetable (44kb) remains the same and will be renamed Print Post Priority.

The second delivery timetable (116kb) will be called Print Post Regular, with delivery taking 1-2 business days longer than Print Post Priority.

When speed is less critical, we recommend you use Print Post Regular, For more time sensitive publications, use Print Post Priority.

Changes to prices Click to expand Click to collapse

Prices for some bulk mail products will change.

View new business letter prices (60kb) - effective 2 June

View new Print Post prices (56kb) - effective 2 June

View new Print Post Linehaul prices (104kb) - effective 2 June

What you need to do

You may need to change the way you prepare and present your business letters and your Print Post articles when the changes start coming into effect.

This could include such tasks as:

  • changing the postage paid imprint on your envelopes / flysheets
  • using different tray labels
  • completing an updated version of our lodgement documentation when you lodge your mail

The product and timetable you choose will determine the changes you need to make. We've prepared two handy guides to show you what you need to do.

Guide to business letter changes (1.66mb)

Guide to Print Post changes (674kb)

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Frequently asked questions

Support & FAQs

Why are prices for Unaddressed Mail products increasing? Click to expand Click to collapse

The current published rate card prices do not reflect the true cost of delivering each article and Unaddressed Mail prices have not kept up with inflation.

This 15% increase will also allow us to partially offset the growing losses that we are seeing in our Unaddressed Mail business.

In addition Australia Post is facing challenging times in the ordinary mail service. To give some perspective, we service a network of more than 11.2 million addresses, which is increasing by 130,000 each year, while our letter volumes decline.

In the face of falling letter volumes, Australia Post made a loss of $147 million in its reserved letter service in the 2012/13 financial year. This followed a loss of $114 million in the previous year.

When did the Unaddressed Mail rates last increase? Click to expand Click to collapse

This will be the first change to Unaddressed Mail rates since July 2012.

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