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The ideal solution for large mail volumes


Does your business regularly receive large volumes of mail? Do you need a solution for mail peaks throughout the year, such as competitions or promotions? Our locked bags are your simple and secure solution.  


  • Holds more volume than Post Office boxes
  • Your mail is protected from the weather and secured with a padlock
  • Provides your business with a professional, consistent mailing address
  • Collect your locked bag when it suits you*
  • Choice of a large (900mm x 740mm) or small (760mm x 460mm) locked bag
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More information

Visit the following sections to learn more:

* Your locked bag can be collected during your chosen Post Office's opening hours. Use our Post Office Locator to find out when your outlet is open.

Locked bag pricing


The costs below relate to annual charges.  We calculate charges for locked bags from the first day of the month in which the service starts to the last day of the month in which the service ends.  

Fee calculation  

The service year for locked bags is from 1 April to 31 March. If you lease a locked bag between 1 May and 31 January, you'll need to pay pro rata fees in advance for the remainder of the service year. The pro rata charge for each month is one twelfth of the annual fee.  

If your lease starts in February or March, you'll need to pay for a full year in addition to pro rata fees.

Please note: a one-off establishment fee is payable for new Locked Bag leases.

Locked bag leases Click to expand Click to collapse

Service Pay on time^ Regular
Standard $438  $443
 Specified* $591  $596
 General Post Office $736  $741
 Reduced Rate*** $114  $119

Combined service Click to expand Click to collapse

Do you already have a Post Office box but find the volume of mail you receive has outgrown your box size? With a combined Post Office box and locked bag, you can keep your current postal address while substantially increasing your mail-holding capacity.

Service* Standard Specified ** General post office Reduced rate***
Locked bag with Post Office box (plus Post Office box charge) $329 $443 $536 $94

Mail bags Click to expand Click to collapse

You'll need to buy a minimum of 2 mail bags - one to take with you and one to hand back to the outlet each time you collect your mail. This is so that we have an empty bag on hand at all times to sort your next batch of mail for you.

Size Dimensions (mm) Price
Large 900 x 740 $66
Small 760 x 460 $56

Establishment fees, reactivation fee, and locks Click to expand Click to collapse

Establishment fee (these fees are for new customers only) $15 for Locked Bags, Private Bags and all Reduced Rate services
Reactivation fee $25
Applies if you wish to re-lease your cancelled PO Box or Bag. You can reactivate your service up until 31 May, provided your previous box or bag hasn't been leased to someone else
Locked bag The bag-holder may supply a padlock and, if supplied, must provide the Post Office with a key

Cancellations Click to expand Click to collapse

Cancellations by customer $30 (unused service fees exceeding $30 are refunded)

* All sizes not available at all outlets.

** Canberra, Hobart and Darwin GPOs and certain Post Offices as determined by Australia Post.

*** The Reduced Rate applies where the frequency of mail delivery by Australia Post to that customer's address (residential or business) is once per week or less. The Reduced Rate will not apply where that customer (a) resides on a houseboat or other water vessel, or (b) where the customer's address (residential or business) is located on a private road (such as a caravan park, gated community, retirement village or defence force barracks etc).

^ Pay on Time is available to existing Post Office box and bag customers who renew their service by 31 March each year.

Applying for a locked bag

How to apply

It's easy to apply for your locked bag. Just follow these straightforward steps:  

  1.  Call 13 POST (13 7678) to find a Post Office near you that offers locked bags.
  2. Download an application form or pick one up from any Post Office.
  3. Lodge your completed form in person at any Post Office, along with proof of identity that shows your name, residential address and signature. This can be your driver's licence or 2 other documents.
  4. Pay your fee when lodging your application. You can pay by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or Australia Post charge account.

Locking your bag Click to expand Click to collapse

To keep your locked bag secure, you'll need to supply us with a padlock and a duplicate of your key.

Accessing your locked bag Click to expand Click to collapse

You can collect your locked bag any time during your Post Office's business hours.

Use our Post Office Locator to find out when your outlet is open.  

You can also have a courier collect your locked bag for you.

Renewing your locked bag Click to expand Click to collapse

Locked bags are leased over an annual service year from 1 April to 31 March.  

We'll send you an invoice in February each year to renew your lease for the following service year. If you have a charge account, we can save you time by automatically debiting your annual renewal amount each February.  

Your service will remain active unless:

  • you tell us that you'd like to cancel it
  • you don't pay your renewal fee, or
  • we cancel your service because you breach our Terms & Conditions

Paying your renewal Click to expand Click to collapse

When renewing your lease, there are a number of easy ways to pay:

  • In person at a Post Office
  • By mail with a cheque or credit card
  • Online at the Post Billpay website from 10 February until 31 March (you'll need a credit card)
  • Over the phone on 13 18 16 from 10 February until 31 March (you'll need a credit card)
  • Using an Australia Post charge account

Need help?

Support & FAQs

If you have any questions about our locked bag service, you can contact us online or call 13 POST (13 7678).  

Useful tips

  • Advise your customers and suppliers that you prefer your mail to be sent to your locked bag address.
  • Clearly display your locked bag address details on all company business cards, stationery, advertisements and websites.
  • Make sure that any undeliverable mail is returned to you by including your locked bag as your return address. It should be included either in the top left-hand corner or on the back of the envelopes you send out.

Frequently Asked Questions

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