Parcel Lockers video transcript

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Male character walks into room, stands at table, and opens parcel. 

 Narration: I'm constantly buying things online, so I set up a MyPost account so I can manage my deliveries and choose where and when I receive parcels.

Transitions to show male character sitting on a couch with a large sculpture of a pair of legs wearing sneakers emerged from the floor, positioned in the background.

Zooms into the male character's face.

Transitions to his laptop screen to show him entering information into the My Post account fields.

When I'm shopping online, I just send the things I buy to a personal parcel locker delivery address that I chose when I set up my account. 

Male character is checking his phone, as he begins to step out of the car. 

 MyPost deliveries means I can have the things I buy delivered to where I need them, like I can use the 24/7 parcel lockers.

Frame changes to the male character walking into a Parcel Locker location and demonstrating the process of scanning the parcel locker card, and typing in the access code. 

When a parcel arrives I get a text or an email with an access code, I just scan my MyPost card or enter my mobile number and punch in the access code for the notification. 

Walks outside onto a balcony and smiles while checking Australia Post MyPost deliveries notifications. 

All these extra options let me sort out my deliveries from anywhere anytime. 

Displays Australia Post logo then flips to MyPost logo. 

For a better tomorrow, get started with MyPost deliveries today.