Parcel Delivery Choices video transcript

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Illustration of a woman sitting at a desktop computer. Zooms in to show that she is shopping for shoes online. 

 Getting your online shopping delivered is now even easier with Australia Post-delivery choices.

The woman expresses delight as she selects the shoes she'd like to purchase. The mouse hovers over a drop down box, the screen then zooms in to show the Delivery Choices logo. 

That's because once you've chosen what to buy, delivery choices give you more options on how to have it delivered. 

Transitions to a collage of Internet tabs showing a variety of online shopping websites. 

As more online retailers offer these extended delivery options, you'll see the delivery choices symbol on some of Australia's best known shopping sites. 

The screen pans down a building to street level, a large banner appears across the screen; 'More choice than ever before!' 

Which means when you're completing your purchase, you have more choice about the delivery of your parcel than ever before. 

 Australia Post standard (red) and express (yellow) mail vans drive past. Screen transitions to show a calendar.

 You can choose standard or express delivery, a particular delivery date, or day of the week.

Cuts to a checklist of three options for timings; '2 hour delivery window, AM, PM.' The wording 'Choice of timed delivery window' is positioned in large writing to the left of the list.

Transitions to show the back of the woman's head as she continues to shop online at her desktop computer. Zooms in over her shoulder to show her purchasing a gift. Shows the woman carrying a parcel after leaving a retail outlet.

Screen splits to show alternative option of the woman collecting her delivery from a Parcel Locker. 

As well as a timed delivery window, and if there's a reason you don't want something sent to your address, you can choose to collect it, from a participating Australia Post retail outlet or one of our Parcel Lockers, which you can access at selected locations, nationally 24/7.

 Transitions back to a view of the street with three Australia Post vans driving on the road. One van stops, website listed below the van;

But that's only half the story. Once you've purchased online you can then go to your secure, Australia Post 'My Deliveries' Page to track your delivery progress. 

Shows van driving, then redirecting down another street, with a location symbol blinking above the van.

And if something changes, my deliveries even lets you redirect or reschedule while in transit. 

Woman is shown to be sick in bed blowing her nose. Cuts to a close up of the woman standing in front of the door of her house while she smiles and accepts the parcel from an Australia Post delivery man.

Zooms in on her hands as she opens the parcel. 

Ensuring that even when your circumstances change, no matter where you might be, you'll get your parcel at a time and place that suits you. 

Woman walks along the street smiling and holding hands with a man. 

 These are just some of the ways Australia Post is offering more choice and convenience to you.

End Frame: 

Watch out for the delivery choices symbol on well-known shopping sites. For more information about delivery choices, visit the Australia Post website.