MyPost Parcel Collect video transcript

 Video Audio 
Introducing MyPost Parcel Collect.   Audio throughout is a backing track playing a fairly happy tune.
 Davina sitting at her work computer. When you're shopping online in Australia or overseas, 
 Catch of the Day website. A tall lamp on screen. Whether you're shopping for homewares, ordering a gift for Mum, or both, 
Image of a house, an office, and a dumbbell.  Australia Post understands that everyone moves around. Home, work, gym. 
 Computer screen showing 'MyPost Parcel Collect'. That's why we offer Parcel Collect free for our MyPost customers. 
 Split screen:
Davina sitting at her desk at work. The Post Office next to her work receiving parcels.
Use MyPost Parcel Collect to have deliveries sent to any Post Office of your choice. We'll keep your things safe until you can pick them up. 
 A map of Australia with major city locations dots that pop up all over it. With nearly 3,600 Post Offices to choose from, it's a great option for bigger items or if you don't have a Parcel Locker nearby. 
 Computer screen scrolls through a list of names like Catch of the Day and a list of other online shopping sites. You can save your Parcel Collect delivery addresses to your favourite online stores or PayPal account, ready to use with your unique MyPost 10-digit customer number at the checkout. 
Smart phone, tracking the status of Davina's parcel, from warehouse to depot to truck to Post Office. Phone begins buzzing in Davina's hand showing specific Australia Post tracking statuses. Stay in the loop as your delivery progresses with tracking notifications. This way you'll know the moment your delivery is ready to be picked up. 
Davina walks into an Australia Post next to her work, disappears inside, and re-emerges carrying a long parcel.  Parcel Collect gives you more choice over where and when you can receive your parcels. Just drop by within 10 business days to collect your parcel. 
Back home, Davina faces the camera, sets the parcel on the ground before opening it up. Happily, she removes the lamp from the box and sets it on her desk. Australia's largest parcel delivery network is now as flexible as you are, every step of the way.  Log in to to get started.