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[Music plays and text appears: Digitalbusiness Case study - Otway Artisan, Lorne]

[Image changes to show Justin Garner, Otway Artisan]

Justin Garner: Hi, my name's Justin, and I'm from Otway Artisan Gluten Free. We make beautiful handmade gluten free bread.

[Image changes to show an ocean landscape]

[Image changes back to Justin Garner] 

Because we had such a good opportunity here in Lorne, being such a beautiful area, and with a lot of tourists coming from Melbourne and from around the world, we thought this is a great place to be baking and selling this bread. 

[Image changes to show the view from a car travelling on a highway alongside the ocean]

[Image changes to show varies images of ocean landscapes]

[Image changes back to Justin Garner] 

We're really passionate about this bread because it's that good. (Chuckles). And we've had such an overwhelming response to the people that try it, there's just a huge demand out there for gluten free bread, and good gluten free bread, so look, we've decided the internet and website is our way of taking it to the world. 


[Image changes to show time lapse images of the sun rising over the ocean]

[Image changes to show time lapse image of bread baking in an oven]

[Image changes back to Justin Garner]


The online presence gives us the exposure that we need, so these people can find our products and we can get it to them without physically having to take it there.

[Image changes to show computer images of Otway Artisan website] 

Our customers will make their order online, we'll make the bread, we send it out with Australia Post, and they receive their products. 

[Image changes back to Justin Garner] 

We're only just starting to understand how eCommerce and all that sort of stuff works, and all the different payment options for our customers, which it seems fairly straightforward in the concept of setting up a website, especially with us. We've only got a handful of products, but when you start to think about all the different sort of layers and processes involved in ordering, and paying, and shipping, and just making sure we've ticked all the boxes and got everything right, it's quite detailed. 

[Image changes to show Justin carrying trays of bread dough and placing them in an oven] 

Money transactions take place between the customer and the supplier, and it's not as straightforward, and when you actually start to think about it, you think well, yeah, how do I do that? (Chuckles). So there's a lot more to it than what you would first imagine. 

[Image changes back to Justin Garner] 

I've researched this whole process on the internet, and I've just basically found… discovered information as I've gone and learnt more and more about the whole process of setting up a website, how eCommerce works, and I happened to stumble across the service offered by Australia Post, My Online Shop. 

 [Image changes to show Australia Post website and images of the My Online Shop]

It sounded like a really good service and I think this might work for us, because we're not trying to set up something overly complicated, and it seems like it's got all the functions we require. And one of our main priorities was eCommerce, which like it was going to be a bit of a stumbling block for us. 

There was this great unknown (chuckles) about eCommerce and how people are actually going to pay us.

[Image changes back to Justin Garner] 

At the end of the day we just want to be paid, and the beauty of having an online shop is it's done immediately, so there's not so much to worry about with invoicing. And of course there'll still be an invoice sent, but we won't have to chase it up because we'll have already been paid, which is great. 

 [Image changes to show Justin working on an iPad device]

It has been a little bit overwhelming to start with setting up the webpage, but we're working our way through it and it's coming together, and it looks so good. We're really excited about how amazing it's going to look in the end, and we can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel with where we're going with it. 

[Image changes back to Justin Garner] 

 We're really excited about eventually getting away from the cafe and having to rent this premises, because we'll be in a situation where we don't need to have a shop on the main street.

[Image changes to show Justin removing bread from an oven and placing it on a countertop] 

We'll be able to go eventually and seek a premise which is much cheaper rent, therefore our overheads are going to drop dramatically. 

[Image changes back to Justin Garner] 

And our website will be our shopfront, and it's going to make life a hell of a lot easier. 

[Music plays and text appears: Digitalbusiness. For more information visit]