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Split screen of man in Sydney handing over a package to a man in China, and then girl in Sydney handing over package to woman in London.

At Australia Post, we know how important it is for you to connect with customers and loved ones overseas. 

A chain of parcels forms a ring, and then resolves into 5 squares numbered 1 - 5. 

That's why we've simplified our international sending solutions. 

A map of Australia, with red pins dropping at the locations of major cities.

We then zoom out to see parcels going around the world. The supers read 'Almost 4,400 Post Offices', 'Delivering to over 190 countries', 'Process over 270,00 International Parcels Daily'.

With an unrivalled network of almost 4,400 Post Offices, delivering to over 190 countries worldwide, we process over 270,000 parcels every day.

A map of Australia, a package, an Express Envelope and a globe are connected by a dotted line.

And now it's even easier to send overseas with Australia Post.

Text 'Here's how it works' on screen. 

 Here's how it works.

Text '1. Speed' up the top in red box, with 5 satchels appearing underneath. Each product's satchel has the service level above, and the send time underneath: International Courier 1-2 business days, International Express 2-4 business days, International Standard 6+ business days, International Economy Air 10+ business days, International Economy Sea 30+ business days. 

 Choose your speed from our new service options: Courier, Express, Standard and Economy. Depending upon how fast you need your item to get to its destination.

Text '2. Packaging' up the top in red box. A brown package turns into an AusPost International Express satchel, then into an orange wrapped present.

Once you've chosen your speed, select your packaging from our extensive range - or just use your own.

Text '3. Customs' up the top in red box. The wrapped present box transforms into a customs form being filled out.

Complete the customs form that is relevant to your chosen packaging option.

Text '4. Optional features' up the top in red box. The box splits into two boxes - a green box with the symbols for additional extras, and a yellow box with a signature panel.

If you want, you can add optional features such as Extra Cover and Signature on Delivery.

Text '5. Send' up the top in red box. We see a man paying a female AusPost employee at the counter for a package. The employee is then switched with a computer, with Click-and-send on the screen.

Then simply pay for your postage in-store or online, through our Click & Send tool.

The same customer stays in frame, but background changes to two street posting boxes, and an Australia Post store. The customer waves.

You can then post your parcel in-store or at a Street Posting Box. We'll take care of the rest.

The screen wipes, and we see all the numbered steps on screen again - '1. Speed, 2. Packaging, 3. Customs, 4. Optional Features, 5. Send.'

It's that easy!

Map of Australia with planes flying out.

At Australia Post, we love delivering. So you can trust us to take care of all your international sending needs.

Split screen of girl in Sydney handing over package to woman in London, and then man in Sydney handing over a package to a man in China. We see a map of Australia next to a map of the world, connected by a chain of parcels.

Whether it's to loved ones in London or delivering your products to your customers in China, with Australia Post you can send from anywhere in Australia to anywhere in the world.

AusPost Logo, and the text 'We <3 Delivering', with the URL '' underneath.

For more information, visit Aus Post dot com dot au forward slash send overseas.