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Apply for a job - Australia Post employees



Complete the process below to apply for an internal job vacancy.

Please note: Job listings are for current Australia Post employees only. If you'd like to work for Australia Post, please view our vacancies for external applicants.

What you need

  1. APS number (found on your payslip)
  2. Reference code of the job you are applying for (located in the job advertisement). Find job ads on Pogo, or ask your manager for a copy of the Job Information Circular
  3. Copies of attachments in Word or PDF format eg. resume, key selection criteria, cover letter

Your application will take 15 minutes to complete. You must finalise your session in the one sitting, as there is no ability to save and finish your application at a later time.


Tips for your job application

Here's some tips to help you through the application process.

Future Skills initiative

Future Skills focuses on improving the employability of our award employees, both internally where you are moving to a new role, and to roles outside of Australia Post.

A range of programs is available to all award employees at any time, including 2 online programs - myFutureSkills and World Wide English. You don't need a manager's sign-off to start learning right now.

myFutureSkills Click to expand Click to collapse

myFutureSkills enables you to easily access online books, courseware and short videos for free - from home or at work.

It's available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and can be accessed on a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

What's available?

  • Courseware on time management, negotiation skills and project management
  • Interactive modules to support managing your career
  • Office and Wellbeing books to read online via Books 24/7
  • Microsoft Office programs from beginner to advanced level
  • Short videos on Microsoft programs and interviews from business leaders
  • Downloadable book summaries of leading business books

How do I access myFutureSkills?

All award employees are registered for myFutureSkills.

  1. Click this link or type this address into your internet browser -
  2. Enter your APS number
  3. Enter the password: futureskills

For more information, contact your manager or Learning and Development representative.

For further assistance and help with your program registration, contact the Future Skills team at

World Wide English Click to expand Click to collapse

World Wide English is an online training course aimed at developing English language skills.

It's easy to access from home or at work and caters for a wide range of English language levels. The course includes:

  • six modules, from beginner to intermediate level
  • 65 hours of learning
  • practice reading, writing and listening
  • learn at your own pace
  • take a short evaluation to find out your English level
  • fun interactive modules
  • support material available on a smartphone

How do I register for World Wide English?

  1. Download a World Wide English registration form
  2. Complete the registration form
  3. Either:
    • scan the form and email to
    • or post to:
      Joanne McConnell
      Future Skills
      Sydney Parcel Facility
      12 Hume Hwy
      Chullora NSW 2190

How do I access World Wide English?

  1. Click this link or type this address into your internet browser -
  2. Log onto the website with your personal login details
    User ID: Your APS number
    Password: Futureskills1

Note: After you log in, you'll be asked to change your password.

Need help?

Support & FAQs

For assistance with your job application, please refer to the FAQs below or:

For issues with the SAP eRecruitment system, use this quick guide to help you.


Can a casual or fixed term employee apply for a permanent vacancy? Click to expand Click to collapse

Permanent vacancies are only open to permanent employees unless marked 'Fixed term and casual employees are welcome to apply but may not be offered a permanent role' in the JIC.

All applications will be reviewed in accordance with the Order of Priority outlined in the General Information section in the JIC.

How will I know my application has been received? Click to expand Click to collapse

After you submit your online application we will send an automated response to your nominated email address confirming successful receipt of your submission.

Can I modify/withdraw my application after I've submitted it? Click to expand Click to collapse

Once your application has been submitted you cannot alter it online. If you need to change or withdraw your application, please contact or call (03) 9107 1308.

What do I do if my automatically populated employee details in the application system are incorrect? Click to expand Click to collapse

Call Employee Assist on 1300 367 772 to update your details.

Will my manager know that I've applied for another role? Click to expand Click to collapse

You should always discuss potential career opportunities with your manager, as an evaluation of your performance may be requested from them.

What happens to my application after it's been submitted? Click to expand Click to collapse

If your application meets the initial selection criteria, you will progress to the next stage of the selection process. You will then be contacted to discuss the next steps in selection. If your application is unsuccessful you will be notified via email.

How long will it take to get a response? Click to expand Click to collapse

The time the recruitment process takes can vary from one position to the next. We hope to respond to all applicants within 2 weeks from the closing date of the application. Please ensure that you check your nominated email address and if you do not have a response in 2 weeks, please contact

I have been shortlisted for numerous positions but have not been successful. Can I get feedback? Click to expand Click to collapse

All requests for feedback will be directed to the relevant hiring manager.

If I receive an email saying that I've been unsuccessful for a job, can I apply for other positions in the future? Click to expand Click to collapse

Yes. We encourage you to continue to review and apply for roles that you are interested in and where you meet the inherent requirements of the job. All unsuccessful applicants will be offered the opportunity for feedback.

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