Why work at Post - video transcript

Kate Holper: I think at Australia Post, the culture and work environment seemed really different from other corporates that I applied for - I went for a few at the same time. Australia Post just seemed so much more genuine and welcoming and when I went to the assessment centre for instance, everyone was just so friendly and wanted to get to know who you were. You weren't just a number, another candidate number. People were genuinely fascinated by you and wanted to know more about you, which made you feel really comfortable. It almost felt like you were at home before you even worked there.

Daniel Demellis: Well I actually had my eyes on Post for a little while because I knew a few people who had done the graduate programs beforehand. I heard really great feedback from them and I suppose nothing is more important than word of mouth as well.

Natasa Nenad: Obviously Australia Post is a large organisation with many opportunities. I chose them first and I was lucky enough for them to choose me as well, so it's a good match.

Nicole Hatten: I was after a large company that would give me lots of opportunities to understand how business works and the opportunity to rotate around a business as well.

Glyn Powell: I applied for a bunch of different grad programs - I think lots of grads do, cause they're not quite sure, they just want to get a course. And then I saw someone from Australia Post come and give a talk at Monash and the difference was the person spoke about the people at Aus Post, rather than what you needed to get into the role and all the pre-requirements. So for me it was a bit more of that cultural fit, so I put in an application and yeah, got the role.

Maree Schipano: It's not what people expect. So people might think, being around for nearly 200 years, might be a big daggy ... it is not that way at all.

Andrew Tang: Australia Post is in a unique time at the moment where it's investing a lot in its workforce, especially youth. As a graduate, you want to apply for these types of companies, right, that are kinda really pushing development of young leaders.

Kate Holper: I think it's a great time for fresh graduates out of uni to come in and have an impact and actually make a difference.

Daniel Demellis: I think there's a bit of a perception still about Aus Post to the wider public that it's a bit of a kind of old school company, you know, it's a bit outdated...but when you actually step foot into the office environment and start really getting to understand it, it's quite the opposite. We're actually quite a growing company and an innovative company at that as well and we're really keeping up with the standards and even going above the standards that are being set throughout the industry as well.

Natasa Nenad: I would say lots of people think all we do is deliver mail and parcels but we're a lot more than that. So, we're launching new and innovative products such as the Parcel Lockers, which is transforming the way that people receive their parcels, so it's 24/7 now. And also we've got the Digital Mailbox, which is transforming the way that Australians communicate with each other. So it's really exciting to, you know, be a part of Australia Post whilst they're undergoing this transformation.

Kate Holper: It's a really great time for graduates to come in and make an impact straight away ... and those fresh ideas and thinking outside the box is really valued.

Nicole Hatten: I'm very pleased that I decided to apply, it's been an amazing opportunity.

Daniel Demellis: I'm quite pleased that I accepted the offer to work at Post. It's been a really good opportunity and a really good journey so far and it's still continuing on.