eParcel user support - Printer setup video transcript



SUPER: Setting up your printer


1. Select printers and forms

2. Select trays and stationery

3. Save


SUPER: 1 Select printers and forms


We demonstrate as per the VO.
Click on administration tab.
Select printer set up




Demonstrate the different options





Demonstrate group by label type for Print job box


Demonstrate the tip and how to turn off the pop up blocker in Internet Explorer.



SUPER: 2. Select Trays and Stationary

Demonstrate the selection






In this eParcel how-to video we'll show you how to set up your printer in 3 simple steps.
First, select printers and forms
Then, select trays and stationery
And finally save your settings

So, let's get started.  Select printers and forms.

Once you've logged into eParcel, click on the administration tab and select printer setup from the drop down menu.

The printer setup screen allows you to set up local printers for printing labels and custom forms. You are required to set up your printer for each of the label types shown. The screen will show different printer options dependent on the services.


Now tick the group by label type from print job box


Here's a tip - pop up blockers must be turned off for this application. The control to turn off the pop up blocker in Internet Explorer and can be found under tools and then pop up blocker.

Next you will need to select trays and stationary
In the label stationary drop down, select multi-preprinted. In the printer and tray dropdown, select large capacity or main.

Finally you will need to save your settings. Click save to your settings.