eParcel user support - Print and despatch video transcript



SUPER: Printing and despatching your consignments.



1. Select and print

2. Confirm and report

3. Lodge parcels and forms


SUPER: 1. Select and print


We show we are logged in.  Click on consignment tab and click view consignments-not despatched.


Demonstrate selection of a consignment. Demonstrate clicking labels.




SUPER: Tip. Ensure labels have printed correctly.

Show appropriate printed label.


SUPER: 2. Confirm and report


Check label
Confirming consignment
Show despatch

Show OK




Show Manifest Report. Show print selection


SUPER: 3. Lodge parcels and forms


Show the three pages.



In this eParcel how-to video we'll show you how to print and despatch your consignments in 3 simple steps;

First, select and print
Then confirm and report
And finally lodge parcels and forms.

So to start, here's how to select and print
Once you are logged in to eParcel, click on the consignment tab and click view consignments - not despatched from the drop down menu.

Choose which consignments you would like to despatch by selecting the check box on the left. Then click the labels button to print labels for the selected consignments.



Here's a tip;
You will need to ensure that the labels have printed correctly before you can proceed to the next step. Once despatched you are unable to reprint the labels.

Next you need to confirm and report your consignment.
Once you have checked that labels have printed correctly, make sure the consignments you would like to despatch are still selected. If they are, click the despatch button to despatch them all. A pop-up box will confirm that the consignments are going to be despatched. Click OK.

Then your manifest report will be displayed. Click the print button.

Finally you need to lodge your parcels and forms
Your manifest report will print 3 pages. The first page is your copy to keep. Please sign page 2 and submit page 2 and 3 when you lodge your parcels with your driver or at a participating Australia Post retail outlet.