eParcel user support - Logging on video transcript



Open on a simple graphic screen

SUPER: Logging on to eParcel


1. Prepare your computer

2. Go  to the login screen

3. Login and start using eParcel



SUPER: 1. Prepare your computer

Demonstrate the procedure




SUPER: 2. Go to the login screen

Demonstrate the procedure



SUPER: 3. Login and start using eParcel


Demonstrate the procedure




In this eParcel how-to video we'll show you how to logon in three simple steps;
First, prepare your computer
Then, go to the login screen
finally login to start using eParcel
So, let's get started.
To prepare your computer, if you are using Internet Explorer 8, go to Tools and select Compatibility View settings. Make sure "Display internet sites in compatibility view" is not selected. This will ensure that the screens are displayed correctly.


You can now go to the login screen by visiting auspost.com.au/eparcel and click the login button on the right hand side of your screen. The eParcel homepage will appear:


Login to start using eParcel
Type in your user name and password, click the login button and you're in.