eParcel user support - Creating a consignment video transcript



Creating a consignment

Our titles build in a small coloured box

1.Create a consignment

2.Select delivery options

3.Save your consignment

SUPER: 1. Create a consignment

Our visual content follows exactly the audio. We focus on a screen. We click on the consignment tab.
We select create consignment tab


On the create consignment screen select a parcel service option.







SUPER: 2. Select delivery options


We demonstrate how to find authority to leave.




Highlight the email notifications option.

Show despatch email


Show track advice



SUPER: 3. Save your consignment

We click save. We see the pop up box then we click OK.


In this e-Parcel how-to video, we will show you how to create a consignment in 3 simple steps;

First, create a consignment

Then, select your delivery options

And third, save your consignment.

So let's create a consignment
Once you have logged into eParcel, click on the consignments tab and select create consignments from the drop down menu.

Once you are on the create consignment screen, select the Australia Post parcels service you need, in the charge code dropdown.



Fill in all the other required fields, including article information at the bottom of the screen.

Now, you'll need to select you delivery options

If you would like the parcel delivered in the case that no one is present to accept it, you can tick the authority to leave option and select one of the predefined messages from the dropdown.

You can select one of the email notification options if you would like your customers to receive email updates on the status of their delivery. These include:



Despatch email - your customer will receive an email with the consignment number and a link to the tracking site.
Track Advice - your customer will receive an email at the time of despatch and at each scan
None - your customer will not receive any email notification.

Finally, save your consignment
Don't forget to click save to save the consignment. A pop-up box will confirm that the consignment has been created. Click OK.