Video transcript - Enterprise agreement

Australia Post and its unions are about to start negotiating our next Enterprise Agreement … This will replace the current Fair Work Agreement, which expires in July.

While the existing agreement and wage setting has served us well during the GFC ... we now need to have a new Enterprise Agreement to allow us to take the next step in our Future Ready journey together.

It's important that you understand what's happening … and what it means for you … After all, the new Enterprise Agreement will outline the terms and conditions of your employment with Australia Post for the next few years.

Gaining your support for a new agreement is critical … because it will enable us to make the necessary changes to ensure that our business can survive in a rapidly changing digital economy.

We cannot continue losing hundreds of millions of dollars in our traditional mail business ... We must stem this and invest in our future.

To grow our business and ensure its survival ... we need to invest heavily in products and services that our customers will want and will pay for ... and we need a new expanded network that is geared towards a shrinking mail business and a growing parcels business.

We also need to carefully manage costs.

If we do this, we can generate more revenue for our business and safeguard jobs. THAT IS MY FOCUS.

If you're an award employee, you will have received this brochure in the mail … It explains the process for negotiating a new enterprise agreement and how you can stay up to date and have your say … It also tells you about your representational rights.

I recommend that you take the time to read it carefully and if you have questions, ask your manager … or call or write to us.

Over the coming months, Australia Post will meet with the unions to work through the details of what's in the new agreement.

My commitment to you is to:

ONE … be straightforward, respectful and fair in how we negotiate.

TWO … share information with you and keep you directly informed.

THREE … listen to the issues that are important to you.

AND FINALLY … to find a solution which allows us to survive and remain a sustainable business into the future.

Throughout April, my executive team and I will visit as many facilities across the country as possible … to talk about how the negotiations are progressing … and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

It's important that we hear your feedback and ideas on how we can stop the losses in our mail business and create new opportunities that customers' value.

Be assured I want an outcome that recognises what we have achieved so far … but also a balanced new agreement that meets the needs of our staff while keeping the company viable into the future.