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Download the latest stamp collecting news, and find out information about specific stamp issues and postmarks.

Australia 2013 FIP World Stamp Exhibition

Stamp Collecting Month

Every year in October we celebrate Stamp Collecting Month by bringing out a new stamp issue with a special theme. It's a great way to have fun with your collection.

The Young Collector at APF

The Australian Philatelic Federation also has a free newsletter (The Young Collector) for you to download.

Smithsonian National Postal Museum

The Smithsonian Institute National Postal Museum is in Washington DC, USA. This website has a lot of interesting information about stamps, as well as virtual tours!

The British Postal Museum

A great online resource about postal history in the UK.

Stamp clubs and shows

The Australian Philatelic Federation organises stamp shows around Australia every year. They often have special events for young collectors, with children's auctions, activities and competitions.

To find out more, contact the APF's Youth Development Officer in your State.

Australia Post supports the Australia Philatelic Federation in many of its activities.

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