Curriculum support material

Stamps and collectables

In this section you will find curriculum-linked education resource material to support stamp collecting and other stamp-related and collectables activities in your classroom. The lesson and activity ideas cover all learning areas and are arranged accordingly.

The education resource materials have been designed for a national audience (taking into consideration the new Australian Curriculum) and offer a range of learning experiences for primary students. They are copyright-free for use by Australian teachers and are provided in both PDF and HTML formats. The student activity sheets are also provided in SMART Notebook format where applicable.

Learning outcomes

Using the curriculum support material on this website will assist students in achieving the following outcomes.

Students will:

  • learn about stamps and the history of stamps, particularly in Australia
  • discover how stamps are developed – from design to print
  • find out about the hobby of stamp collecting.

Lesson and activity ideas

Some lesson ideas and student activity sheets require students to read and view the Stamp collecting and All about stamps sections of this website.

The student activity sheets and lesson ideas may also require students to visit the Australia Post website (



  • Students to discuss collecting. Why do people collect things? What kinds of things are fun to collect? As a class, make a list of all the things students collect.
  • Invite a stamp dealer or collector to speak to your class about stamp collecting. You could also contact your Australia Post retail outlet and ask for someone to visit your class.
  • Students to complete the "All about stamps" activity sheet.
  • Students to choose some stamp-related words from the "Stamps and collectables glossary" in the website and use them to create a find-a-word to give to a classmate.
  • Students to complete the "KWL chart" activity sheet.
  • Students to complete an assignment on their "Top ten favourite stamp issues" and rate each stamp and why they like it. Students to present their opinions to the class.
  • Students to complete the "Stamps skeleton crossword" activity sheet.

Student activity sheets

Student activity sheet solutions


  • Students to research some stamps and stamp collecting statistics, such as how many stamps are printed a day, or approximately how many stamp collectors there are in Australia.
  • Students to complete the "Calculate the postage" activity sheet.
  • Students to visit the Australia Post website and research the different coin issues offered and their denominations.

Student activity sheets

Student activity sheet solutions


  • Students to complete the "Stamps timeline" activity sheet.
  • Students to collect as many old stamps as they can from letters that they, their family, or their friends have received. Students to sort the stamps according to the year they were issued and discuss.
  • Students to research stamp issues that feature key events in Australia's history. Students to write a report about an historical event of their choice.
  • Students to complete the "Design a commemorative stamp" activity sheet.

Student activity sheets

Science / Technology

  • Students to research the science / technology behind "lickable" stamps. What sort of glue is used and why?
  • Students to explore how to remove stamps from envelopes with minimal damage to the stamp. Students to conduct a science experiment by starting with a hypothesis, testing their theories and recording their results. Students to experiment with both gummed and self-adhesive stamps.
  • Students to complete the "Stamps – from start to finish" activity sheet.
  • Students to make their own "invisible ink" from lemon juice and use a cotton bud or toothpick to write a message. The messages can be revealed by exposing them to direct sunlight.
  • Students to spend time observing the tiny coloured dots on stamps with a magnifying glass. Students to also observe other printed items (such as postcards, photos, etc) and compare the dots between them and the stamps. Were all the dots the same size and distance apart? Discuss.

Student activity sheets

The Arts

  • Students to read about stamp printing in the "All about stamps" section and then use paint to explore what colours can be created with different combinations of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
  • Students to create a collage of old or used stamps.
  • As a class, students to brainstorm some stamp themes that they have seen. In pairs, students to discuss, list and draw other themes they would like to see printed.
  • Students to start a class stamp collection.
  • Students to complete the "Finish the stamp" activity sheet.

Student activity sheets

Health and Physical Education

  • Students to research any sport-related stamp or coin issues. When and why were they issued?

LOTE / Languages

  • Students to read about the design principles used in stamp making in the "All about stamps" section. Research stamps from other countries and determine whether they have the same design principles as Australian stamps. What are the similarities and differences?
  • Students to research the origins of the word "Philately".

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