Stamp issues

Stamps and collectables

Australia Post regularly releases stamp issues that reflect special events which are happening or have occurred throughout the years.

Below you will find information about some recent Australia Post stamp releases.

23 September 2014 – Stamp Collecting Month: Things that Sting

This year’s theme for Stamp Collecting Month (SCM) is Things that Sting. It also features things that bite. Visit the new SCM Things that Sting website.

Things that Sting

9 September 2014 – AAT: Era of the Husky

Huskies helped explorers from 1898 to 1983 explore the extreme conditions of the Antarctic thanks to their double-layered coats and their strength in hauling heavy weights.

Era of the Husky

2 September 2014 – Open Gardens Australia

This set of five stamps present the beauty of private gardens all around Australia.

Open Gardens Australia