How to start a collection

Stamps and collectables
Stamp album and tools

The good thing about stamp collecting is that it's not an expensive hobby. All you really need is a stamp album... and some stamps!

Starting your collection:

  • Buy packets of mixed stamps from an Australia Post retail outlet
  • Ask your family and friends to save the stamps from their letters for you, or swap stamps with your friends
  • Purchase a stamp album, this makes it easy to keep your stamps safe – you can buy these at your local Australia Post retail outlet.

Choosing a stamp album

A stamp album helps you organise and display your collection. There are many types to choose from, but one of the most popular is a loose-leaf album, with separate sheets in a binder. The separate sheets help you to organise your album any way you want and you can add new sheets to your collection whenever you need to.

Transparent stamp mounts or stamp hinges are the best way of attaching your stamps without damaging them. Never lick stamps to stick them in your album, and never use glue or tape! It will ruin the stamps.

Why not write about each stamp, to make your album more interesting? Find out when and why it was issued, or the designer's name.

Tools of the hobby

Stamp tweezers have blunt ends, so they will not damage stamps. Stamp dealers and Australia Post retail outlets sell them.

A magnifying glass will help you see small details. You can use your magnifying glass to search for the year on the Australian stamps in your collection. It will be in very tiny figures and tucked away somewhere in the stamp design.