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Below you will find some more Australia Post coin releases. Check them out!

July 2013 – Young Collectors series - Surfing

Experience it! The new series of Young Collectors coins featuring outdoor sport and leisure activities kids love, begins with the invigorating and favourite Australian pastime of surfing.

Young Collectors series - Surfing

June 2013 – Polar Animals

Would you want to live there? These coins feature critters that live in some of the coldest places on Earth.

YPolar Animals

May 2013 – Forest Babies

How cute are these irresistible Forest Babies coins? The 1/2oz silver proof coins feature a juvenile Grey Wolf, Red Squirrel and Brown Bear.

Forest Babies

April 2013 – Gold Mini Roo

This delicate, button-sized gold coin features the iconic kangaroo.

Gold Mini Roo

March 2013 – Aurora Australis

The dazzling display of coloured light seen above the polar regions is, in the Southern Hemisphere, known as Aurora Australis, or the Southern lights. The coin has been coloured with glow-in-the-dark ink, so you will never lose your money again.

Aurora Australis

February 2013 – Polar Animals – Polar Bear

Did you know that a polar bear's skin is black?

Polar Bear

January 2013 – Australian Bush Babies II

The uniqueness and charm of the baby echidna is captured in this beautiful coloured coin. The echidna is one of only four species of egg-laying mammals, known as monotremes.

Australian Bush Babies

2013 Royal Australian Mint Year sets

Available as uncirculated and proof the 2013 year sets are a great way to mark the year, with coin sets for all levels of coin collectors as well as celebrating those special occasions.

Australian Mint Year

2013 Lunar Series - Year of the Snake

Which animal are you? Are you a snake? Those born in 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 and 2013 are also born in the Year of the Snake. Those born under the influence of this sign are said to be intelligent, graceful, independent, analytical and charming.

Year of the Snake

Australian Seasons - Summer

Hot days, endless blue skies and beautiful beaches are a hallmark of summer and this new coin depicting a Red Kangaroo against the background of an Australian beach scene reflects that.


2012 Remembrance Day

For the first time ever a commemorative Australian $2 coin has been produced. The colourful and collectible 2012 Remembrance Day colour-printed uncirculated coin features the Flanders Poppy.

Animal Athletes

Young Collectors 2012 - Animal Athletes

The fastest fish in the ocean, the spectacular Sailfish can reach speeds of 110 kilometres per hour. The world's best human swimmers, like James Magnussen can only reach top speeds of up to 8 kilometres per hour.

Animal Athletes

50th Anniversary of the Australian Ballet

The Australian Ballet first performed in 1962 and this year celebrates 50 years. The beautiful coins present a quintessential image of performance by the Australian Ballet.

Anniversary of the Australian Ballet

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

The FIFA World Cup is the pinnacle of competition for any football (soccer) fan. The gold and silver proof coins are official licensed products for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and depict a representation of a soccer player featuring an Aboriginal motif.

FIFA World Cup Brazil

Southern Sky: Crux

This new dome-shaped coin features the Southern Cross Crux constellation, or, as we more commonly know it, the Southern Cross. Did you know? The Crux constellation is present on the flags of Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Samoa.

Southern Sky

May 2012 – Monarch Butterfly – Animal Athletes Coin

Bright orange and black in colour, the Monarch Butterfly can fly more than 425 kilometres a day, ten times longer than an Olympic marathon. This is amazing for a creature only a few centimetres long!

Animal Athletes Coin

April 2012 – Animals of the Zoo

The Animals of the Zoo series is being released to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Melbourne Zoo. The coins feature a Western Lowland Gorilla, Sumatran Tiger and others.

Animals of the Zoo

April 2012 – 2012 Australian Olympic Team

The 2012 Olympic Games is almost here and these coins from The Perth Mint help bring the excitement closer to home.

2012 Australian Olympic Team

March 2012 – Young Collectors 2012 – Animal Athletes

The Animal Athletes series of coins explore how the behaviours of animals match human sporting pursuits. The animals featured are the Kangaroo, Monarch Butterfly, Cheetah, Sailfish, Rhinoceros Beetle and Rocket Frog.

Animal Athletes

6 September 2011 – 50th Anniversary of "000" Emergency Call Service

This coin celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the 000 emergency number. The four images on the coin design represent each of the three emergency services: Fire, Ambulance and Police, and the Emergency Call Service Triple Zero logo, all pad printed in their recognisable service colours.

50th Anniversary of 000 Emergency Call Service

1 July 2011 – Transformers: Dark of the Moon

From the latest Transformers movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the three new coloured commemorative coins portray the characters of Megatron, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon