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Take a look at the most recent Australia Post coin releases. Have you thought about collecting coins?

September 2014 – The Australovenator

The Australovenator was discovered by the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, who nick-named the dinosaur "Banjo". Banjo has been described as a medium-sized, very fast, carnivorous dinosaur with massive arms.

The Australovenator

August 2014 – Clever Australia: Medi-Mazing

The first in a three-coin series called 'Clever Australia', focuses on five innovations in medical developments by amazing Australians.

Clever Australia: Medi-Mazing

July 2014 – Superpower of Flight – Young Collectors series

Imagine being able to fly! Since humans have been able to walk they have dreamt of being able to fly. Maybe one day we can all have this superpower.

Superpower of Flight – Young Collectors series

June 2014 – Dr Who Monsters - Sontarans

The Sontarans were humanoids with large, bulbous heads and short stocky bodies. They had grey-brown skin and deep set features.

Dr Who Monsters - Sontarans

May 2014 – $1 Coloured Stag Beetle

The coin features the male stag beetle and its impressively-proportioned mandibles (lower jawbones) which are used almost exclusively for battling rivals.

$1 Coloured Stag Beetle

April 2014 – Mother's Love Asian Elephant

The second coin from the Mother's Love series features a mother Asian elephant and her calf.

Mother's Love Asian Elephant

March 2014 – Superpowers – Young Collectors series

The 2014 Young Collectors Superpowers series features six coins, with an imaginative and exciting design to represent a superpower. The first incredible release features super senses.

Superpowers – Young Collectors series

February 2014 – Blowfly colour printed frosted uncirculated coin

It may be the nuisance outside or at a BBQ but when looked at up close; this creature can be seen as a marvel of design and colour.

Blowfly colour printed frosted uncirculated coin

January 2014 – Year sets

Available as uncirculated and proof the 2014 year sets are a great way to mark the year, with coin sets for all levels of coin collectors.

Year sets

October 2013 – Young Collectors series – Horse Riding

Saddle it. Horse riding is the feature of the latest coin release of the Young Collectors series. Horse riding or equestrianism is an engaging activity that provides fun and fitness for people of all ages, skill levels and gender.

Young Collectors series - Horse Riding

September 2013 – The Ashes

Can Australia win the 2013-14 Ashes series in our own backyard?

The Ashes

August 2013 – Young Collectors series - Skiing

Glide it. The Young Collectors coin series, featuring outdoor sport and leisure activities kids love, continues with the exhilarating sport of skiing.

Young Collectors series - Skiing