Curriculum support material

Santa Mail

Below you will find curriculum-linked lesson and activity ideas and student activity sheets to support Santa Mail and Christmas-themed activities for use in your classroom. The lesson and activity ideas cover all learning areas and are sorted accordingly.

The education resource materials have been designed for a national audience (taking the new Australian Curriculum into consideration) and offer a broad range of learning experiences for lower primary students.

They are copyright-free for use by Australian teachers and are provided in both PDF and HTML formats. The student activity sheets are also provided in SMART Notebook format where applicable.

Learning outcomes

Using this curriculum support material will assist students in achieving the following outcomes.

Students will:

  • Engage in letter writing and Christmas craft activities.

  • Learn about Christmas celebrations in Australia and around the world.

  • Reflect on their own Christmas experiences.

Lesson and activity ideas



  • Students to complete the "Christmas acrostic poem" activity sheet.
  • As a class, create a "Word wall" of Christmas words.
  • Students to write a letter to Santa using the "Let's write a letter to Santa! Online interactive". The interactive can be found in the Multimedia fun student section.
  • Students to complete the "Christmas word match" activity sheet by matching the words and pictures.

Student activity sheets

Student activity sheet solutions


  • Students to draw a picture or write a story about Christmas celebrations they have previously enjoyed.
  • Students to tell the rest of the class about the people with whom they share Christmas. Explore the role of family and close friends in celebrating Christmas.


  • Students to use their geometry knowledge to complete the "Which one is my present?" activity sheet.
  • Students to complete the "Crack the Christmas code" activity sheet by solving some simple number problems.
  • Students to use catalogues to find pictures of Christmas presents to give to friends or family. Students to pretend they have $20 to spend and calculate the total cost of the presents selected. How close to the total were they? Will they receive any change?

Student activity sheets

Student activity sheet solutions

Science / Technology

  • Students to design a new sleigh for Santa. The different parts of the sleigh must be clearly labelled.
  • Students to discuss how the season in which a country celebrates Christmas could affect how it is celebrated. Students to draw a picture of, or write about, a summer or winter Christmas.


  • Students to investigate how Christmas is celebrated in other countries.
  • Students to draw a picture depicting what Christmas might be like if they lived in a country of their choice, other than Australia.

The Arts

  • Students to draw a picture depicting their favourite Christmas.
  • Students to make a green, red and white paper chain to decorate their classroom.
  • Students to use the "Christmas stocking craft" template to make their own stocking. The template should be enlarged to A3 size for best results.
  • Students to make Christmas bon-bons using cardboard, crepe paper and ribbon. They could include a message in each bon-bon.
  • Students to make their own Christmas cards using the pictures on the "Christmas card decorations" template.
  • Students to make their own moving Santa using the "Jiggling Santa" template.

Student activity sheets

Health and Physical Education

  • Students to complete the "Yum, yum Christmas food!" activity sheet by brainstorming the foods they love to eat at Christmas.
  • Students to compete in relay races with a Christmas theme. These could include an obstacle course in which students pretend to be "Santa" delivering "presents".

Student activity sheets

LOTE / Languages

  • Students to learn one verse of a Christmas carol in another language.
  • Students to learn how to say "Merry Christmas" in three languages other than English.

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