Let's write to Santa

Santa Mail

It's time to write to Santa!

Santa receives thousands of letters from children all over Australia with requests for all sorts of things, including toys, pets and even world peace.

Australia Post works with Santa, and his elves, at Christmas to make sure you receive a reply to your letter (you must live in Australia though).

How do I write my letter?

There are three ways you can write your letter to Santa:

  1. You can use the Let's write a letter to Santa! Online interactive found in the Multimedia fun section. This is a fun way to write your letter. There are instructions and a sample letter to help you.

  2. Write your letter on one of the decorative letter writing templates, which can be printed out. See below.

  3. Use your favourite pencil or pen and notepaper and just start writing.

If you need some ideas for your letter you can click on the sample letter to the right.

You can also tell your teacher about Santa Mail and maybe your whole class could write letters together.


How do I address the envelope?

Follow these simple steps to address the envelope:

  1. Write Santa's address clearly on the front of your envelope so your letter can be delivered to the right place. Santa's special address is:

    NORTH POLE 9999

  2. Place a 65c stamp on the front of your envelope.

  3. Turn the envelope over and write your name and address on the back of the envelope, so Santa knows where to send a reply.

  4. Post the letter in a street posting box or at an Australia Post retail outlet.

Here are pictures to show you what the front and back of your envelope should look like.

Front of an envelope Back of an envelope

Santa Mail letter writing templates

Here are some fun letter writing templates that you can print and use to write your letter to Santa (ask an adult before you print one).

There are three types to choose from: colour with lines, black and white with lines or black and white with no lines.

Australia Post would like to wish all children and their families a very Merry Christmas.


Let's write a letter to Santa! Online interactive

Let's write a letter to Santa! Online interactive

This interactive will help you write a letter to Santa. There is a sample letter, helpful hints and some fantastic letterheads.

Instructions are available in the interactive, or you can print out the PDF below.

Let's write a letter to Santa! Online interactive instructions (pdf, 188 kb)