Australia Post retail outlets

Our post – what's it all about?

Australia Post has the most extensive retail network in Australia, with almost 4,500 retail outlets across the country. These outlets offer more than the chance to buy stamps and post parcels. At many outlets you can:

  • buy gifts, vouchers and stationery
  • pay your bills
  • apply for a passport
  • pay for services such as motor vehicle registrations and fishing licences
  • do your banking
  • enrol to vote or update your electoral details
  • send or receive money worldwide
  • and much more ...

Australia Post superstores

Over the next year, Australia Post is introducing several new superstores around the country. These superstores offer some amazing facilities that, until now, have not been available, including a 24-hour zone with vending machines, Parcel Lockers and self-service terminals.

Vending machines

The vending machines allow customers to purchase stamps (in a variety of pack sizes) and various types of packaging at any time of the day or night.

Parcel Lockers

With online shopping booming, the Parcel Lockers allow customers to collect their parcels at a time that suits them. Using the lockers is a three-step process:

  1. Register for the Parcel Locker service at

    It's free and when you register you will receive a Parcel Locker address and unique Parcel Locker Customer ID.

  2. Use your unique Parcel Locker address when you shop online. Australia Post will email and text you a locker number and access code when you have a parcel ready for collection.

  3. Collect your parcel from your allocated Parcel Locker location by using your access code at any time within 48 hours of notification.

Self-service terminals

The superstore 24-hour zones include self-service terminals where you can pay bills and send some parcels within Australia.

Paying bills at Australia Post is now easier, as you can use the self-service terminal to pay any bill that you would normally pay over the counter.

The self-service terminals also allow you to send some parcels (up to 15kg) within Australia. At the terminal, weigh the parcel, enter the destination post code, and the correct postage cost will be calculated for you. Simply pay the postage cost and a label will be printed for you to stick on your parcel. Then all you need to do is put your parcel in the lodgement box (next to the terminal) and it will soon be on its way.