Meet "Postie Kate and friends"

Postie Kate and friends
Postie Kate and friends
Postie Kate and friends

Hi, I'm Postie Kate and these are my friends! Thank you for wanting to get to know me. I will tell you a little about myself.

As you know, I am a postie and I absolutely love my job! The best part is meeting people when I deliver the mail and seeing people smile when they receive a letter or gift from a family member or friend.

I start the day very early (5.30 am!) with a healthy breakfast of eggs on toast and orange juice, which gives me energy for the long day. How do you start your day?

I have a special uniform that I wear to work, just like you might wear a school uniform. I also wear a bright yellow safety jacket so motorists can see me, and of course a helmet when I go out on my bike to deliver letters.

My friend Joe delivers mail in the city and my delivery round is out in the suburbs.

I am very busy during the day as I deliver to over 1,000 houses and businesses. Phew! That is thirsty work!

When I am not working I like to relax at home with my dog, "Sam" and my cat, "Paws". I love to read and my favourite treat food is chocolate chip cookies.