Writing a letter to family or friends

Postie Kate and friends
Postie Kate and friends

When you write a letter to someone you know, it is called a personal letter.

Letters to your family and friends are like conversations. You can write a letter to thank someone, congratulate them, share family and school news, pass on interesting information, describe what's been happening, or tell funny stories.

Maybe you have friends or family who live far away from you. Why not write them a letter to keep in touch? Even if they live close by, a letter is something special that shows you're thinking about them.

The great thing about a letter is that you can read it over and over again.

Here are some hints on what to write in a personal letter:

  • Talk about family birthdays, special events, trips you've been on and big achievements
  • Share funny stories about your pets
  • Tell your friends about your new computer game, CD or DVD
  • Wish someone Happy Birthday
  • Share some news about school – your teacher, your friends, excursions you've been on, special visitors and activities
  • Write about what's been happening in your street, town or city
  • Tell a friend about a great book you've read, or an exciting film you've been to see
  • Tell a riddle or joke
  • Ask questions about what they've been doing and what interests them
A letter to a friend

1. Heading

Your name and address.

2. Date

The date you are writing your letter.

3. Greeting

Your hello.

4. Content

What you want to say and the reason why you are writing.

5. Closing

The way you end your letter.

6. Signature

Sign your name. This is the same as an artist signing a work of art!

7. PS (Postscript)

Found at the end of a letter. You can put anything you forgot to say here.


Why not use the Letter writing interactive to help you write a personal letter? You could also use these Postie Kate and friends templates to write your letter.