Lower primary: "Postie Kate and friends"

Postie Kate and friends

Hi, and welcome to the "Postie Kate and friends" (lower primary) section of this website, designed just for you!

Meet "Postie Kate and friends"

Find out more about our favourite postie and her wonderful friends here!

All about our post

Have you ever wanted to find out about how mail was delivered in the olden days, how it gets delivered now and all the different things you might find in your letterbox? Then the "All about our post" section is for you.

All about writing letters

Do you like writing letters to your friends and family, but need a bit of help to get started? Head to the "All about writing letters" section and try the "Let's write a letter" interactive. You'll be writing perfect letters in no time.

Multimedia fun

Would you like to have some fun? Visit the "Multimedia fun" section for some great games.


Find out what some tricky post words mean.