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We all know that it is important for our posties to be safe when they deliver and sort our mail. Posties have many ways of keeping themselves safe, but did you know that you can also play a part in the safety of your postie?

How do posties keep themselves safe?

Every day, posties deliver to 900 – 1,200 delivery points. Before they start delivering the mail, posties gather to have a team talk and check that their equipment is safe. Posties carry a phone with them when delivering the mail in case they run into any trouble. Of course, they wait until they have pulled off the road before calling for help.

Posties are trained to ride safely on the footpath, in wet weather conditions, and into and out of roundabouts. They are also trained to identify potential hazards caused by other road users, pedestrians, animals and blind driveways.

Posties ride safe

Do you ever ride a bike or scooter to school? How do you keep yourself and others safe when riding? Posties are great at keeping themselves and others safe while delivering the mail. Read the following ways in which posties ride safe and think about which safety tips apply to you.

Posties ride safe


  • use brightly coloured clothing and mailbags, and a flag on their bikes for visibility
  • wear protective gear such as a helmet, gloves, shoes and safety glasses (goggles)
  • keep both hands on the handlebars when riding
  • keep their helmet strap fastened at all times
  • always keep an eye out for pedestrians
  • watch for cars backing out of driveways
  • obey traffic lights and road signs at all times
  • use rear-vision mirrors on their bikes to see the traffic behind them
  • use lights to help them see when it is dark
  • have a neck protector attached to their helmets to protect them from the sun
  • always follow the road rules.

Common postie dangers

Unfortunately, too many posties are hurt or injured delivering mail every day. Nearly half the injuries posties suffer on the road happen at the letterbox, or involve cars reversing out of driveways. So, please remind adults to check their rear-vision mirrors when backing out of your driveway!

Did you know that other common dangers to posties include animals? Unrestrained dogs and swooping magpies can injure posties.

Posties can also face problems in delivery and sorting centres. Posties can hurt themselves if they lift parcels that are too large or too heavy. Parcels that contain sharp objects must also be packaged very carefully and correctly to avoid accidents.

Hints to help keep your postie safe

What can you do to make sure your postie is safe? Here are some postie safety hints:

  • Make sure your letterbox is unobstructed eg keep branches and plants with scratchy leaves or thorns away from your letterbox.
  • Make sure you keep the gate closed if you have a dog. You could also put up a "Beware of the Dog" sign, so the postie knows to be on the lookout.
  • Help an adult to clean out your letterbox regularly to make sure there are no cobwebs, bugs or spiders in there that could give your postie a fright!
  • Make sure the slot on your letterbox is wide enough to allow mail through.
  • Keep the footpath in front of your house clear of things such as fallen branches and rubbish bins so that everyone, including the postie, can get by easily.
  • If you know that the path to your letterbox can be slippery when it rains, or is very cold, make sure you put up a sign so your postie knows to be careful.
  • Make sure your parcels are packaged correctly and are not too heavy. If you are sending a heavy parcel you can attach a special label, so the postie knows to lift it carefully.
Keeping our posties safe quiz

Keeping our posties safe quiz

How much do you know about postie safety? Play this three-part interactive to complete a postie safety checklist, find the dangers in a road scene and finally, test your knowledge in a "fact" or "fiction" quiz.