Australia Post retail outlets

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Australia Post retail outlets

Australia Post has the most extensive retail network in Australia, with almost 4,500 retail outlets across the country. You can do much more than just buy stamps and post parcels at Australia Post retail outlets. At many outlets you can:

  • buy gifts, vouchers and stationery
  • pay bills
  • apply for passports
  • pay for services such as motor vehicle registrations and fishing licences, and
  • do personal banking too!

More than a million people visit Australia Post retail outlets every business day.

Australia Post superstores

Did you know that Australia Post is introducing new superstores all across Australia this year?

The superstores are amazing! You can go into a superstore any time of the day or night to pay for, post, or pick up a parcel.

The superstores include new Parcel Lockers which can be accessed 24 hours a day. If there is a parcel for you, an SMS and email will be sent telling you that you have a parcel and you will be given a locker number and access code. All you have to do is go to the superstore, enter the access code into the special key pad and, hey presto, a locker will open. Imagine not having to wait all weekend to collect a parcel you have been waiting for!

You must register to use this service, so ask an adult for some help.

At the superstores you can buy stamps and all sorts of different types of packaging from vending machines. You can also weigh, pay for and post parcels yourself, so no more waiting in line, or rushing to get to an Australia Post retail outlet before it closes.

Keep an eye out in your local area, as a new superstore could be coming near you!