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Writing letters is fun and there is a lot to discover when you are learning how to write a letter. There are two main types of letters: personal letters and business letters. Personal letters are written to people who you know personally such as family and friends.

On the other hand, business letters are to people who you may not know personally. They can be to people in important positions who you should address formally and respectfully such as your principal, a local member of parliament or the CEO of a company.

For all you need to know about letters and letter writing, go to the Australia Post letter writing program Letter Link: Let's write a letter. There you will find everything you need to know, from how to format different types of letters, tips on what to put in your letter and lots of fun and exciting ideas that will help you to turn your letters into truly artistic creations.

You can also use the fantastic Letter writing interactive to help you write a personal or business letter.

Why not use this Pico template and your favourite pen or pencil to write your letter?

Let's write a letter! Online interactive

Let's write a letter! Online interactive

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